The foundation of our practice is the relationship of trust we build with our patients. We truly connect with, listen to and take the time to learn about your full medical history, while working within a transparent pricing model.
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We go deeper than managing symptoms. With each of our patients, our aim is to restore core health to its optimal level–the level we believe God intends for you. We do this through the best science-based Western and wholistic medicine.
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We’re on a mission to empower our patients with the knowledge and habits they need to cultivate a truly healthy lifestyle–body, mind and soul–for themselves, their families, their communities and future generations.
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About Us & What We Do

Sanctuary Functional Medicine is a medical practice located in Middle Tennessee specializing in comprehensive health consultations and primary family care. We believe in treating not just the body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each patient.
Comprehensive Health Consultations
We specialize in helping patients get an understanding of the root causes of their health situation. Our Comprehensive Health Consultation is an extensive, three-hour consultation (over two separate visits) and series of lab tests designed to empower patients with an insightful healing plan.
Direct Primary Care
Our primary care model is a membership model tailored to put the needs of our patients first. Families and individuals who subscribe monthly to our Concierge Medicine plan can enjoy extra benefits such as house calls and reduced pricing on labs, supplements and medications.  Join the Sanctuary community to benefit from an Internist, a Pediatrician, and  Functional Medicine physician all in one -ready to care for your family.
For patients who cannot travel to our office, we offer consultations by phone and video chat. After the initial visit, we can direct your care by phone and secure e-mail for one year. Patients in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Minnesota can begin care without a face-to-face initial visit with Dr. Potter. Second opinions and review of your condition is offered for patients in other states.