PANDAS: Not Just a Furry Zoo Animal

No, I am not writing a veterinary piece this week on zoo animals. I am referring to Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders related to Streptococal infections. PANDAS is a well-known acronym in the medical world for several decades, yet a still mysterious constellation of symptoms with even more mysterious mechanism by which it wrecks havoc in many children and families.

Early Childhood Trauma Affects Our Brains

Science has a habit of explaining what common sense has already revealed.  One might wonder why we do the science if common sense can tell us so much for a much lower cost.  Well, understanding how things are biologically connected does help us to work towards therapies and healing at times.  Science provides some tentative ground on which to develop an approach of restoration,


The American College of Pediatricians serves as an alternative to the mainstream and more well known American Academy of Pediatrics.  They are far more conservative and attempt to provide a voice of reason in several areas affecting parents and their children’s pediatricians.  Recently they asked their membership to share the attached handout about encouraging families to spend time together around the meal time table.