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Christian Healthcare at Sanctuary – Obamacare Versus Christian Care

Anyone who more than glances at Sanctuary Functional Medicine’s website will notice something peculiar: the blatant Christian nature of what we profess.  This bluntness has provoked both explicit comments to my face and rumors that I only hear second hand.

More than 9 out of 10 express either compliments or gratitude for having a clinic where their Christian values are not only heard but also honored.


Shame is such a debilitating malady that many of its sufferers often are ashamed of their shame. In friends and patients I have seen how it binds hearts and hands to pain but also shields from relief. I recognize it because like all others it has touch my life at various points producing despair and setting tall obstacles in the path to help and recovery.

True Wholistic Health

(My summary of first chapter of book by Franklin Ed. Payne, MD, titled “Biblical Healing for Modern Medicine”)

Considering James 5:14-16, first century Christians had minimal healthcare except the anointing of oil by their elders. This might cause us to pity their plight. We could then finish reading the Bible and consider that not once is a cure by a physician ever described.

Churches Should Talk About Food

(the opening paragraphs of my recent seminary paper on Food Theology)

The Church is mostly silent while its members suffer not only the same lifestyle related physical consequences of the world, but also succumb to the legalistic false teachings of today’s diet prophets. Some estimate that 350000 people die every year from obesity related disease (Soza 1999,

Table Fellowship from Food Theology

(An Excerpt from my seminary paper called Food Theology)

(From a section addressing normative principles in the Bible regarding how we eat)

The Bible also stresses the importance of fellowship which was primarily in the context of sharing meals. In one example of endangered table fellowship, Paul confronted Peter in Galatians 2:11-14 about Peter’s not eating with Gentiles (Chester 2011,

The Image of God in Man


(This post provides the first few and last two paragraphs from a much longer paper I wrote for a seminary class last year.  I have linked the entire paper in between for those who want to read more.  Forgive the occasional fancy words, but reading the entire paper will make sense of those words.)

Opening paragraphs:

The imago Dei for some stands as a noble doctrine establishing man above all other creation.