The Image of God in Man


(This post provides the first few and last two paragraphs from a much longer paper I wrote for a seminary class last year.  I have linked the entire paper in between for those who want to read more.  Forgive the occasional fancy words, but reading the entire paper will make sense of those words.)

Opening paragraphs:

The imago Dei for some stands as a noble doctrine establishing man above all other creation.

Functional Medicine Cardio-metabolic Conference

Technology can be a wonderful thing.  This weekend, live streaming allowed me to attend an educational event in California while sitting in my Tennessee home-office.  The Institute for Functional Medicine organized its first live streaming event for a Cardio-metabolic model in its certification program.  Watching 20 hours of lectures about improving heart health and being able to get up whenever I want to stretch my legs,

Early Childhood Trauma Affects Our Brains

Science has a habit of explaining what common sense has already revealed.  One might wonder why we do the science if common sense can tell us so much for a much lower cost.  Well, understanding how things are biologically connected does help us to work towards therapies and healing at times.  Science provides some tentative ground on which to develop an approach of restoration,

Why Physical Health Matters

Why should we care about the bodies which convey our eternal souls about this world? Won’t they be renewed in heaven anyway? Aren’t we supposed to focus on the eternal things rather than worldly things?

Romans 8:29 could be used to argue that we are to focus our energies on spiritual transformation so that we can be made into the likeness of Christ as could other verses urging spiritual transformation.