Simple, Straightforward Pricing

We currently offer functional medicine Comprehensive Health Consultations and a DNA Analysis package.

We believe in simple, transparent and upfront pricing and encourage you to contact our Relations Manager, Steven Paske, directly via phone at 1(615)-815-5941 or email for a upfront quote of the cost of your care.

Comprehensive Health Consultation

Two 90-Min Functional Medicine Visits
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  • Two 90-Minute One-On-One Visits With Dr. Potter
  • Extensive Medical History Analysis
  • Customized Specialty Lab Testing Based Upon Your Needs and Goals
  • 1-2 Hour Behind-The-Scenes Lab Report Analysis and Investigation By Your Doctor
  • A Personalized Health Restoration Plan Developed by Your Doctor According to Your Lab Reports, Medical History, Health Needs and Medical Preferences
  • Nutrition Testing / Counseling
  • Whole Person Health Evaluation and Advising
  • One-On-One Teaching About Your Health Condition
  • Spiritual Support and Guidance Through Your Medical Suffering

All consultations require a deposit of $500.

After 72 hours of scheduling patients security deposit is non refundable.