Simple, Straightforward Pricing

We currently offer functional medicine Comprehensive Health Consultations and a DNA Analysis package.

For healthy individuals who want the benefits of Sanctuary’s “comprehensive care,” we are developing a Wellness Program.  Ask Steven to put you on the waiting list for this program coming in September.

We believe in simple, transparent and upfront pricing and encourage you to contact our Relations Manager, Steven Paske, directly via phone at 1(615)-815-5941 or email for an upfront quote of the cost of your care.

Comprehensive Health Consultation

6 Month Comprehensive Consultation Package (for adults and children)
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  • Two 90-Minute Visits With Dr. Potter or Hans Hinterkopf, P.A.

  • Two Nutrition Counselor Visits

  • Extensive Medical History Analysis

  • Customized Specialty Lab Testing Based Upon Your Needs and Goals (additional cost)

  • 2 Plus Hours Behind-The-Scenes Lab Report Analysis and Investigation By Our Team

  • A Personalized Health Restoration Plan Developed by Your Doctor According to Your Lab Reports, Medical History, Health Needs and Medical Preferences

  • Whole Person Health Evaluation and Advising

  • One-On-One Teaching About Your Health Condition

  • Spiritual Support and Guidance Through Your Medical Suffering

  • 3 Further Follow Up Visits to Cover Approximately Six Total Months

  • Portal Access to Discuss Short Questions

  • Wholesale Pricing on Labs and Therapies


  • Option During Program to Choose Between:

    • Further Nutrition Coaching

    • Personalized Exercise Program by Trainer

    • Webinar Purchase

    • IV Therapy Sessions

DNA Analysis

One Visit of 90 minutes to Review Genetic Program (for adults and children)
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  • One 90 Minute Visit Divided Into:

    • 60-Minutes With Dr. Potter or Hans Hinterkopf, P.A.

    • 30 Minutes with Dr. Potter Discussing Your Personalized Plan

  • This Personalized Health Restoration Plan Is Prepared using:

    • Your Story, Your Genetics and Past Lab Reports

  • Includes Extensive Medical History Analysis

  • Whole Person Health Evaluation and Advising

  • One-On-One Teaching About Your Health Condition

  • Digital Report of the Visit to Guide You

  • Option to Continue Care as a Comprehensive Consult

All consultations require a deposit of $500.

After 72 hours of scheduling patients security deposit is non refundable.