Medscape Statins and Personalized Medicine

A recent Medscape article in July which addressed Statins use apparently generated 600 comments. A follow up article I read this morning addresses many of those comments. My short take on the article: Treatment for high cholesterol requires personalization! See the link here .

Each of our genetics, lifestyle, goals, and current health conditions influence our need for and responses to Statin drugs.  Each patient is unique and needs care tailored to their unique situation.  Such personalization can only occur in the setting of Direct Primary Care.  Our current system which allows 10 to 15 minutes of patient-physician interaction per  visit can never assess the complexities of a single issue like high cholesterol much less if you combine that with several other health issues patients often face simultaneously.

Direct Primary Care, such as I offer, provides 30 to 60 minute visits which allow me to assess the factors mentioned above and partner with my patients to choose a course of action that they understand and desire.  I then walk with them in implementing that decision.  Conventional medicine will never have the time to match this.  I pray that other physicians, especially Christians, soon recognize this fact and join the ranks of Direct Primary Care providers.

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