Bringing the Experts Together

Who are the two most important humanly healthcare experts when you are sick?  Can you guess?

Your doctor and YOU!  That’s who!

Obviously you want a physician who is an expert to be guiding you when you are ill.  However your care excels when your “doctor-expert” works well with you.  Doctors can be experts in medicine, but you know yourself better than anyone.  As a physician, I need your insight into your feelings, hurts, goals, and so forth.  In Direct Pay Care, I have more time to learn about you and this knowledge allows me to hone in on diagnosis and treatment far better than with only a 15 minute office visit.

Besides this benefit of Direct Pay Care, I can also help you become an even better expert in your own health.  Having the time to teach you what to look for in response to therapy, you and I can work together faster and more successfully in restoring or maintaining your health.

If you want this kind of partnership between the “experts”, email me on the “Contact” page or sign up for Direct Pay Care on the “Forms” page.


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