Pilgrims With A Purpose

As pilgrims in this life, we embark upon an adventure filled with great stories. Stories of breathlessness, stories of laughter, and stories of woe fill our memories and await our tomorrows. However, all noble journeys, regardless of their rabbit trails and pit stops, must be destined for a singular end. Human life is no exception.

Principle Two: Covenantal Medicine

The medical world generally holds to the Hippocratic Oath, an oath passed down from antiquity to which physicians hold themselves in caring for patients. This oath is mostly a good thing, despite its original form swearing to Greek gods, as it elevates several important principles of good medicine. However, Christian medicine cannot rightly conclude with either such an allegiance to Greek gods nor such earthly principles alone.

Soli Deo Gloria: Principle One

“To God alone be the glory” or “Soli Deo Gloria” has been used by the great composers Bach and Handel to emphasize that any honor for their musical work was owed to God rather than to the human composers. Short of miraculous intervention I will never compose something of such grand musical nature nor will I match their level of fame in my own field of medicine.

Why the “W” in Biblically “Wholistic” Healthcare?

Most who read this blog post have asked themselves “What does he mean by “Biblically Wholistic healthcare?” or “How is this different than other healthcare?” Don’t feel bad that you have not heard this phrase before. I have chosen this phrase after much deliberation and prayer over several years. It is meant to express as succinctly as possible what I believe God intended for Christian healthcare to look like.