Principle Four: Applying Biblical Worldview In Medicine

Having walked through the first three principles practiced in Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting, I turn my attention to one that may surprise you in certain ways. If we take the Bible seriously in what it says and consider it as God’s Word, we should apply it 7 days a week, not just in how we worship on Sundays.

Principle 3: Whole-Person Care

In trying to care for a patient’s body, emotions, and spirit, most physicians wander around the proverbial elephant, first palpating a thick leg, next measuring a long trunk, and then listening to who knows where on the elephant’s body. They wonder how this all fits together. They know in their minds that somehow all of this is connected.

Three Little Pigs Wax Philosophical on Health

The story of the three little pigs (prior articles) continues as they wax philosophical and ask themselves “why does their health or their diets matter anyway?” You see they are good little Christian pigs who are looking forward to a new heaven and new earth, expecting that they will be renewed in a perfect pig body free of disease and a pig spirit free of sin.