Ben Carson Weighs in on the Vaccine Debate

The vaccine debate is heating up thanks to the recent measles outbreak.  Many are throwing out their opinions (regardless of whether they know enough to talk on the subject), including Dr. Ben Carson.  I expected better of him, but nothing surprises me anymore about politicians.  An article about his statement can be found HERE.  My response is below.

Simply, he is wrong  This whole debate is fear mongering, name calling, and short-sighted.  Let me ask you all…. Where do you draw the line on what the government is allowed to make you do for the sake of the public?  Or How harmful must a treatment be before an individual is allowed to refuse the treatment even if it is good for the public?  Everyone who wants to vaccinate everyone should have to care for the repercussions.  The reason we have a VAER (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system) is because vaccines have “adverse events” meaning someone is hurt.  The world is a messed up place.  There are no free rides.  Everything has risk and benefit.  Who do you want deciding what risk you are exposed to in this debate?  Your parents who love you or the government?

What is this country coming to?  What will we be forced to do next?


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