CDC Study Reveals the Obvious About Children’s Nutrition

While I appreciate those taking the time and effort to improve the health of our children, there is a bigger picture that is being missed.  Yes, the amount of sugar that we and our children are eating daily is damaging to current and future health.  Salt is important as well, but some argue how much this really plays a role in health.  Still too much salt is clearly harmful to health.     The bigger picture is that our children’s nutrition is putting them at risk for a multitude of chronic diseases.  The nutritional density of our food supply is declining thanks to food processing, fast food, and an over reliance on things like corn and wheat.  That doesn’t even begin to look at the effect of GMO foods and pesticides on our health.   God did not make us to eat pesticides.   This week, God willing, I will have to opportunity to discuss this on Mood Radio, on Friday February 6th.

See article link HERE (WebMD) and HERE (Washington Post).

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