Chinese Prevent Strokes with Folate and Learn About MTHFR

Researchers in China recently released findings from a large study of 20,000 patients looking at whether folic acid (yes, the synthetic form) affected the stroke risk in those with high blood pressure. Several of the findings underscore the importance of the methylation cycle in cardiovascular health. Both individuals with MTHFR 677 mutations and those without should take notice of this study.

The Image of God in Man


(This post provides the first few and last two paragraphs from a much longer paper I wrote for a seminary class last year.  I have linked the entire paper in between for those who want to read more.  Forgive the occasional fancy words, but reading the entire paper will make sense of those words.)

Opening paragraphs:

The imago Dei for some stands as a noble doctrine establishing man above all other creation.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Scientists recently published some research findings that might make you sleepy.  But before you close your eyes and start your “zzzz”‘s, have you ever asked yourself how some people you know seem to live on 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night without any ill effects, while you need 8 to avoid brain fog? 

Functional Medicine Cardio-metabolic Conference

Technology can be a wonderful thing.  This weekend, live streaming allowed me to attend an educational event in California while sitting in my Tennessee home-office.  The Institute for Functional Medicine organized its first live streaming event for a Cardio-metabolic model in its certification program.  Watching 20 hours of lectures about improving heart health and being able to get up whenever I want to stretch my legs,

Oklahoma Senate Passes Direct Primary Care Bill

I just wanted to share a quick post about legislation effecting Direct Primary Care in the state of Oklahoma.   State Senators there passed Senate Bill 560 protecting patients from losing direct primary care membership agreements in the workplace or such agreements from being considered as insurance.  Next it goes to the house.  Rep. David Derby is quoted in the article from as saying,

Does Medicine “Heal”?

Several terms are bantered about in the field of medicine regarding what medical professionals do for their patients: cure, heal, rehabilitate, relieve, manage, prevent, and a few others. These all portray the best of medicine, that which returns a person to health or prevents their ever leaving a state of health. But… when we examine what really happens in healthcare,

Epigenetic Links to Asthma

Research constantly uncovers new links between epigenetics and disease. Recently a Harvard PhD, Dr. Liming Liang released findings linking about 30 different methylated genes to asthma risk. Medicine has long recognized a link between a type of immune cell called an eosinophil with asthma and other allergic diseases. Some very expensive drugs were developed, hoping to target this connection,