Churches Should Talk About Food

(the opening paragraphs of my recent seminary paper on Food Theology)

The Church is mostly silent while its members suffer not only the same lifestyle related physical consequences of the world, but also succumb to the legalistic false teachings of today’s diet prophets. Some estimate that 350000 people die every year from obesity related disease (Soza 1999,

Dr. Antibiotic and Mr. Hyde

I grew up in the waning Golden Age of antibiotics.  They had swept onto the medical scene decades before, rescuing lives from previously hopeless infections.  Then they entered more everyday life of strep throats and bladder infections, bringing relief and comfort to many common illnesses.  However, the power and wonder began to wane as resistance began to emerge in many bacteria (causing them to fail in killing bacteria),

Table Fellowship from Food Theology

(An Excerpt from my seminary paper called Food Theology)

(From a section addressing normative principles in the Bible regarding how we eat)

The Bible also stresses the importance of fellowship which was primarily in the context of sharing meals. In one example of endangered table fellowship, Paul confronted Peter in Galatians 2:11-14 about Peter’s not eating with Gentiles (Chester 2011,