Shame is such a debilitating malady that many of its sufferers often are ashamed of their shame. In friends and patients I have seen how it binds hearts and hands to pain but also shields from relief. I recognize it because like all others it has touch my life at various points producing despair and setting tall obstacles in the path to help and recovery.

So when I find a Christian writing or speaking on the topic my curiosity is always piqued. I want to combat this anywhere I find it, therefore I am always in search of good weapons where ever possible. A recent article on the Christian Counseling Education Foundation (CCEF) blog will serve as another one of my weapons. Winston Smith tells of the lady in Mark 5:21-34 whose bleeding was healed by secretly touching Jesus.

Winston views her as one clearly shamed in society for her illness as well as unclean. He considers the various reasons she may have approached so covertly: fear of believing in healing, expecting rebuke, fear of being ignored, or simple shame. Jesus responds that her faith had healed her. He basically made clear that:

“’You are not an interruption.’

‘I’m not afraid to connect with you’

‘I care about you.’” (from article)

I want to be like that. I want to point people to Christ. I want them to know that they are not an interruption to me or to Christ. I want them to know that Christ and I care. I want to catch those sneaking around for help and love on them like Christ.


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Christian Counseling Education Foundation, July 29, 2010 Blog Post by Winston Smith

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