Direct Primary Care Success Stories

Physicians who are seeking rays of hope in a darkening health care crisis are turning to Direct Primary Care to restore joy in their practice, for both themselves and their patients.  However, such a drastic shift in approaching health care comes with its challenges.  Most Direct Primary Care physicians will agree that education is one of their greatest challenges.  I am not referring to medical education, but education of their patients who have grown up in a different health care world where we depend on someone else to pay for our care (insurance companies and the government).  Despite this economic approach to patient care being far simpler than the bewildering array of insurance policy options and red tape, physicians like myself spend a good bit of time explaining the model and its benefits.

In this effort to explain Direct Primary Care and convince you it works, I am producing a short video quickly explaining how it will benefit you.  It is in production editing and will be coming soon.  If you aren’t sure about Direct Primary Care yet, you should watch it yourself.  If you already get the concept, you should share with others who might not see the benefits yet.  I will announce here when it is ready.

In the meantime, I will share a LINK to an April 2015 article in Montana describing a Direct Primary Care practice and how it cares for patients.  Other stories of success and how it works are below.  Don’t forget my website’s explanation.


A few more success stories here:

AtlasMD in Wichita, Kansas

Success in Missouri

Success in Missouri

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