Why Patients Love Functional Medicine

This past week, had the opportunity to share some feedback in the Williamson Herald about why patients love functional medicine.  I have copied that editorial below:

Since opening Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting this year, many patients have expressed a similar question, “What is functional medicine?” Dr. Hutton and I enjoy answering this question for two reasons: 1) We see it working in our patients. 2) When patients hear our answers, they appreciate it as well.

We share several reasons why this approach is gaining ground across the nation. First, functional physicians are spending more time understanding the whole person sitting in front of them. These longer visits address patients’ lifestyle, genetics, emotions, nutrition, biology, spirit, preferences, and more. The whole person receives care.

From there functional physicians like ourselves look for root causes rather than just applying quick superficial fixes.   Patients are tired of their long list of pharmaceuticals and want options that include natural remedies. Functional medicine examines the natural working of the amazing human body to aim both at healing of current suffering and prevention of future harms. We integrate the best of God’s natural therapies with the best of science to offer patients new hope.


Finally, functional physicians provide personalized care that is unique to you. No cookie-cutter medicine allowed for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, unexplained rashes, or other mysterious symptoms.

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