Building a Baby’s Brain

Baby’s brains begin as a collection of cells inside a mother’s womb. They separate out from other cells destined for other purposes and begin forming the nervous systems. Both the internal instructions of DNA and the external influences of neighboring cells ultimately combine to shape the future brain. Where the cells finally reside in the brain and how they interact with synapses and axons (the connections and the wiring of the nerves) determine how well it functions as we grow up.

Sleep Lowers Your Defenses

Nearly all species need to sleep for survival although the amount needed by a given animal varies from species to species.  Practically everyone loves sleep, yet busy lives or illness commonly deprive us of this much needed recharge.  Journals are filled with studies reporting the negative effects on cognition as well as links to obesity and other metabolic diseases.

Upcoming Class: Recovering from Mold Illness

Do you have symptoms such as allergies, asthma, chronic sinus infections, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, mood disorders, muscle pain, bowel issues, brain or memory issues, joint pain, inability to lose weight or any other unexplained symptoms.

There is hope for recovery! Join Hans (PA-C at Sanctuary Functional Medicine) and his wife Joy to learn how to identify and recover from mold illness using safe,

Vitamins are BAD for you ?!?

Vitamins are BAD for you ?!?

Hogwash. Try this. See how far you can read the anti-vitamin piece below before noting major bias and distortions. While they are correct that indiscriminate supplementation can be a problem, they dissuade away from all vitamins (title) with a study on D and calcium.  In the study,

Why We Address Spiritual Care at SFM

(The following is the first session of a series of video messages that our patients begin receiving after their initial visits   This and session 2 (coming soon) will give you a taste of what Sanctuary offers beyond its functional medicine approach.  If you want to receive the entire series, sign up for the newsletter and request the Spiritual Care Series.) Watch Video below.