Vitamins are BAD for you ?!?

Hogwash. Try this. See how far you can read the anti-vitamin piece below before noting major bias and distortions. While they are correct that indiscriminate supplementation can be a problem, they dissuade away from all vitamins (title) with a study on D and calcium.  In the study, there is no mention of checking levels to determine who was deficient.  In the study, no Vitamin K2 was given to move calcium into bones rather than artery walls.

Instead, we should evaluate the individual, measure appropriately, and replete only the deficient. Maybe the next study should try that approach. Besides over-reliance on one study,  They do provide some grim sounding statistics about how many are harmed by supplements yearly.  In reality, you could substitute “medications” for many of those dire statistics against supplements and be just as honest.  Medications, even at the “right” doses are responsible for many deaths and hospitalizations yearly.

So…I agree that Not everyone needs every vitamin NOR do they all need a statin or BP med. They need a doctor to spend enough time with them to discern what they need.  Only then can appropriate vitamins or meds be recommended.

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Science Alert Article on vitamin D and Calcium


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