Stripped Nerves Reinsulated via Epigenetic Modulation | GEN

As always, excited to see epigenetic research that has potential for clinical application in helping patients to live healthier lives. In this research discovery, a specific gene HDAC3 can be modulated to improve remyelination of nerve cells after autoimmune damage.

Several disease processes can cause injury to the myelin covering of nerve fibers. This myelin covering is necessary for proper functioning of the nerve cell in transmitting signals. When this is damaged, such as in multiple sclerosis, patients lose sensory or motor functions or cognitive interferences as symptoms.

Researchers learned that by modulating this particular gene they could encourage activity of more Schwann cells which do the remyelination / covering process. In the animal model, this restored myelin after a experimentally induced demyelination injury occurred.

Next, researchers are looking for molecules or substances which would serve this function in a human model. Such a therapy would have the potential to not only halt a disease such as multiple sclerosis, but even reverse it hopefully.

Looking forward to these therapies in our patients to help them live a healthier life. Blessings from Sanctuary functional medicine.

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