Further Resources

Further Resources and Related Links

Here are a few articles and sites of interest for families seeking lower costs and better health care.

MTHFR Doctors

MTHFR Doctors is a website that provides resources for finding doctors specializing in treating patients with the MTHFR gene mutation. They also provide research regarding the genetic condition.

Other Ways to Save Money on Health Care

  • MediBid (This service allows patients to receive bids on procedures.)

Health Care Cost-Sharing Organizations & Ministries

God at Work in Medicine

MTHFR and Related Genetics


Parents are flooded with advice and information on the Internet. Here are some resources we believe will be both helpful and correct. Many of the links are to a single page on a site. (Just because we link to one page, does not mean we have read the entire site and agree with every last detail on it.)

Nutrition Resources

  • Carrageenan (Good article by Wellness Mama on why to avoid this food additive.)

Labs Services Utilized


Including the links above does not imply that Sanctuary Functional Medicine agrees with all statements made on the given sites. Links are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. Except for the laboratory companies that provide services to our patients, we receive no compensation from any organizations or businesses listed above, nor have any business affiliation with them.