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About Sanctuary Functional Medicine

Specializing in Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness is defined as an illness lasting from several months to several years. It ranges in severity from  annoying to debilitating for the sufferer. Long-Term and Recurrent Illness robs a patient of well-being and quality of life, and is disheartening.

At Sanctuary Functional Medicine, we specialize in treating Chronic Illness. We take it seriously knowing that many of our patients have come to us after having faithfully followed conventional medical orders and numerous regimens only to find themselves without relief or results. Too often, they feel hopeless while their health professionals, searching for answers, exhaust the resources available to them…without adequate success.

We know that it takes time and dedication to locate the problems and treat them at their root cause. It’s our specialty. At Sanctuary, we find that patients often wish they’d have come to us sooner. Read Patient Testimonials

A Medical Approach to Functional Medicine

While there are many varied practitioners of alternative medicine, there are very few who have integrated a medical practice with specialty board certifications and the best of wholistic principles; spiritual gifting, conventional treatments and the latest scientific findings to practice Functional Medicine.

At Sanctuary Functional Medicine, Vanderbilt trained Dr Eric Potter, MD IFM, leads a team of professionals specialized within their respective fields. The team is  equipped in working with the complex web of the body’s systems and discovering the interactions that lead to diseases and symptoms. MTHFR, DNA, Hormones and other diagnostic genetics not commonly addressed in  conventional medical practice, are investigated and addressed at Sanctuary Functional Medicine.

The team includes Dr. Eric Potter, MD IFM; a Nurse Practitioner, Wholistic Nutritionist, Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, and other staff members. Together they use a Whole Person Approach rather than treating symptoms alone. With Dr. Potter at the helm, the team unites to investigate each case, searching out and finding the patient’s issues, and then tailoring a comprehensive treatment program unique to that individual.

Practicing medicine in a God-honoring, patient-honoring way is the culture at Sanctuary.  An example of this value at work is Sanctuary’s commitment to providing wholesale pricing for out-of-pocket lab work and prescribed supplements. The patient is thus assured that these recommendations are given with solely their best interest in mind. Meet our Staff

Live a Healthier, More Abundant Life

Helping our patients progress from suffering illness to living a life of fullness and well-being is the heart of our work at Sanctuary Functional Medicine.

Our patients report healthier changes, better quality of life, relief, and even the enjoyment that once seemed elusive.

The programs at Sanctuary Functional Medicine are designed to determine where you are in your journey, meet you there, and guide you to abundant living.