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About Sanctuary Functional Medicine

After spending several years trying to care for patients in multiple conventional medical settings, Dr. Eric Potter realized the clock was ticking faster and faster: either see more patients in a day (spending less time with each one) or get off the hamster wheel and provide real care. Once he discovered the Direct Pay Care business model, the pieces fell into place that enabled him to found and open Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting in 2014.

The direct primary care model enabled Dr. Potter to create a system of care where the best interests of his patients could be prioritized over making profits. He was able to provide the type of care he felt was missing in Middle Tennessee by taking on one-fourth of the patient caseload of that of a conventional physician. As a result, patients of Sanctuary regularly spend 30 minutes with their doctor per visit.

With these longer visits, the functional medicine approach of treating whole persons at the root cause of their symptoms could bring out better and more lasting health restoration. Caring for the spirit, the mind and the body, while empowering patients to care for themselves, brought not only better health to patients but greater enjoyment in medicine for Dr. Potter.

Sanctuary’s mission is to sow and nurture biblically healthy living in Christian families, so that they as individuals, families and churches may increasingly glorify God throughout the generations, by rightful stewardship of their gift of life.

In 2016, Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting changed its name to Sanctuary Functional Medicine to better convey the importance of the functional medicine approach.

Since it’s founding, Sanctuary Functional Medicine has helped hundreds of patients in Middle Tennessee and surrounding states. Dr. Potter is also able to go home at night grateful for the opportunity to walk with patients through their suffering and towards restoration


Utilizing the latest technology, we offer secure video visits for patients unable to make the trip to Middle Tennessee. For those who are unable to make the trip, we can provide most care by phone or email, limiting how many times you need to travel here. For more information, call our office.