Why Functional Medicine Outperforms

By its nature functional medicine operates in a multitude of small offices across the world.  Countless physicians and other providers have awakened to the success of functional medicine.  The only downside to the grassroots movement is that, without large institutions or labor intensive networking, statistical proof is hard to come by.  The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic serve us all with its accumulation of data regarding health outcomes.

Gut Bacteria May Weaken Your Muscles

Functional MD’s find the strangest connections in the functioning of the human body.  Today’s odd connection links gut bacteria with sarcopenia and inflamaging.  Sarcopenia means that your muscles are shrinking.  Inflamaging refers to the increased inflammation which occurs in many of our patients as they reach their later years.

Researchers have long wondered why human muscle strength usually dwindles as we age,

PFC MVP – A New View of Nutrition

At the end of September, I was privileged to attend an AFMCP conference.  This stands for Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and was hosted by the Institute for Functional Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  I wanted to share some of the things I learned and realized during that week.  Not all of the thoughts will be completely organized as I was taking notes while writing these notes for you. 

Blueberries Lower Blood Pressure

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently published the results of a study in post-menopausal women with early hypertension. The study provided daily blueberry powder to half the women and after 8 weeks, those receiving the blueberry powder had a statistically significant decrease in blood pressure. For systolic pressure (the top number) it was 7 mm of mercury lower and for the diastolic (bottom number) it was 5.

Fire in the Gut Part 2

The Neighborhood does not do well when it is on fire!

Other burn patterns in other gut neighborhoods keep the inflammatory fires burning hotter at the local level. They primarily work on the gut landscape.   An inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s Disease will burn the gut lining to the point of visible ulcers and redness.  

NIH Data Release on Teen Brains a Boon for Neuroscientists

As many of you are aware, I can be skeptical of the government at times. However in this case I look forward to the research that this government based study may provide in the coming years.

The National Institutes of Health are moving forward and enrolling 9 and 10 year olds in a tracking study to monitor how various environmental influences affect their health through their teenage years.

Fountain: Chapter 2

Health education endeavors to motivate changes in habits and behavior patterns.  Such changes are hard fought battles as people hold to habits tenaciously for four reasons.  They are deeply rooted in our personality and culture.  We do not understand our own culture well nor the origins of our habits.  Likewise, we do not understand other’s culture.