Are Shingles Autoimmune?

Shingles are a real pain in the neck…

or butt.. or face… or wherever they pop up.

Anyone who has experienced an outbreak of this chickenpox virus years after the initial infection never forget it.

It burns.
It stings.
Sometimes for years.

This ongoing nerve pain is called Post Herpetic Neuralgia.

Vitamins are BAD for you ?!?

Vitamins are BAD for you ?!?

Hogwash. Try this. See how far you can read the anti-vitamin piece below before noting major bias and distortions. While they are correct that indiscriminate supplementation can be a problem, they dissuade away from all vitamins (title) with a study on D and calcium.  In the study,

Why We Address Spiritual Care at SFM

(The following is the first session of a series of video messages that our patients begin receiving after their initial visits   This and session 2 (coming soon) will give you a taste of what Sanctuary offers beyond its functional medicine approach.  If you want to receive the entire series, sign up for the newsletter and request the Spiritual Care Series.) Watch Video below.

food and snake handler

Food and Modern Day Snake Handlers

Prooftexting is the act of taking a verse out of context to prove a doctrine or practice.

We are all guilty of prooftexting from Scripture on occasion.  We are also all guilty of accusing others of this splinter while we have a beam in our own eye.

Consider snake handling churches as a possible example of prooftexting.

Relationship Medicine – Do Relationships Matter?

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Hello dear.  How was your day at work?”

“Good evening. Please tell me your two most important needs for our conversation.  We have a limited time to relate and address those needs.  Some needs may need to wait until tomorrow evening.”

“What are you talking about? 

christian healthcare

Christian Healthcare at Sanctuary – Obamacare Versus Christian Care

Anyone who more than glances at Sanctuary Functional Medicine’s website will notice something peculiar: the blatant Christian nature of what we profess.  This bluntness has provoked both explicit comments to my face and rumors that I only hear second hand.

More than 9 out of 10 express either compliments or gratitude for having a clinic where their Christian values are not only heard but also honored.

Immune System – Summary from SHEICON2016 by Dr. Ben Lynch ND

What better way to kick off SHEICON 2016 than with Ben Lynch, N.D. introducing new findings about our wondrous immune system, the amazing interplay of cells, chemical messages, and weapons that our body uses to protect us every moment of our lives!  The immunology book which I used in medical school has grown fat with new discoveries in recent years.