Dinner Table Queries: Chicken for Dinner

With all the nutritional challenges living in today’s world, dinnertime often brings practical questions of what to put on the table. Most families can’t afford to pay 3 to 5 times the conventional price for everything to be organic, non-GMO, or whatever label du jour. Choices must be made. If something doesn’t “need” to be organic,

Should you count on 23 and Me?

“23 and Me” has become a common phrase as genetic research uncovers more connections between our genes and our health. If you have not heard of it, you likely have a friend of family member who has already looked at it. 23 and Me is a company which takes a sample of your saliva and tests several hundred thousand genetics points of your DNA for changes associated with different health concerns.

Direct Primary Care Success Stories

Physicians who are seeking rays of hope in a darkening health care crisis are turning to Direct Primary Care to restore joy in their practice, for both themselves and their patients.  However, such a drastic shift in approaching health care comes with its challenges.  Most Direct Primary Care physicians will agree that education is one of their greatest challenges. 


Shame is such a debilitating malady that many of its sufferers often are ashamed of their shame. In friends and patients I have seen how it binds hearts and hands to pain but also shields from relief. I recognize it because like all others it has touch my life at various points producing despair and setting tall obstacles in the path to help and recovery.

Physician Heal Thyself

My chapter summaries of Biblical Healing for Modern Medicine, Franklin E. Payne, Jr. M.D. Covenant Books

Chapter Three

We have come to expect physicians to heal us, yet the true effectiveness of medicine falls far short. It cannot work miracles.

Dr. Payne argues that modern medicine (written in the 1980s) was detrimental to health rather than beneficial.

Essential Hypertension and MTHFR 677

MTHFR garners enough attention these days that the gene should run for office. Furthermore, it would have a great career in politics since it is accustomed to being blamed for everything medical under the sun anyway. This time Chinese researchers linked it to Essential Hypertension in a meta-analysis of other studies comparing the risk of high blood pressure in persons with the 677 or 1298 variation and those without the genetic change.