Medscape Statins and Personalized Medicine

A recent Medscape article in July which addressed Statins use apparently generated 600 comments. A follow up article I read this morning addresses many of those comments. My short take on the article: Treatment for high cholesterol requires personalization! See the link here .

Each of our genetics, lifestyle, goals, and current health conditions influence our need for and responses to Statin drugs.  

mice and probiotics

Obese Mice and Probiotics

A story about obese mice and probiotics

Sometimes, as one explores the world of functional and integrative medicine, one may stop and ask if the mainstream medical establishment is right.   Are we so desperate for healing and restoration that we will latch on to any theory or any promise?  Should we just treat symptoms and stop looking for root causes?

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

I had intended to continue my saga of the drunken elephant (the hyper-specialization of medicine), but I wanted to pause and say a few words regarding the healthcare sharing ministries which are offered as alternatives to health insurance.   A new addition to the ones listed further below has been launched for Catholics who were not always comfortable with the statements of faith required by the four faith based options. 

The Hyper-specialization of Medicine

My most recent article, by the same title, light-heartedly approaches a topic that can be very frustrating for patients seeking answers in our current hyper-specialized health delivery system.  Patients seek care from primary care physicians/providers (family practitioners, internist, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others) for complex issues, but rather than finding answers, they sometimes only receive 15 minutes of the physician’s attention before being referred to a specialist.