Dysbiosis – Gut Neighborhood Cooties Part 2

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Any given neighborhood depends not only on its residents but also on the environment where they reside.  Humans provide some partially understood infrastructure for the microbiome through a variety of genes like NOD2, IL23R, ATG16I, and IGRM.  These genes both prepare hospitable homes for good bacteria and modulate how our bodies respond to both good and bad guys. 

Dysbiosis – Gut Neighborhood Cooties Part 1

Living in any neighborhood involves ,well, getting to know your neighbors.  Functional medicine opens a window allowing us to interact those little bacteria living in our gut neighborhood for these neighbors profoundly affect our health.    With about 1.3 trillion bacteria living in each of our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts, these neighbors abound beyond the number of cells making up our entire body.  

Fountain #1: What’s Wrong?

What’s wrong?

Are we really saving lives if we don’t heal the whole person?

While medicine proclaims many advances in conquering disease, the reality of our failing approach to health care stands behind the smoke and mirrors of technology and public relations strategies.

Though we “save” lives with acute interventions,

Functional Medicine: Conference Report

At the end of September, I was privileged to attend an AFMCP conference.  This stands for Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and was hosted by the Institute for Functional Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  I wanted to share some of the things I learned and realized during that week.  Not all of the thoughts will be completely organized as I was taking notes while writing these notes for you. 

Chinese Prevent Strokes with Folate and Learn About MTHFR

Researchers in China recently released findings from a large study of 20,000 patients looking at whether folic acid (yes, the synthetic form) affected the stroke risk in those with high blood pressure. Several of the findings underscore the importance of the methylation cycle in cardiovascular health. Both individuals with MTHFR 677 mutations and those without should take notice of this study.

Functional Medicine Cardio-metabolic Conference

Technology can be a wonderful thing.  This weekend, live streaming allowed me to attend an educational event in California while sitting in my Tennessee home-office.  The Institute for Functional Medicine organized its first live streaming event for a Cardio-metabolic model in its certification program.  Watching 20 hours of lectures about improving heart health and being able to get up whenever I want to stretch my legs,

Epigenetics, An Open Book

The great battle between nature and nurture continues. Social scientists, biologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, even theologians have debated for centuries what determines a person’s unique humanness. The field of genetics fired a seemingly victorious salvo against nurture as science discovered sections of DNA called “genes” which decided hair color, eye color, height, and even the presence of many diseases.

Asthma And Genetics: MTHFR Included

A recent study led by Carole Ober, PhD, Blum-Riese professor and chair of the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago, found few clear links between gene mutations and asthma risk.  However, MTHFR was one of the three links that was discovered.  The International Business Times discusses the study HERE.

My comments are below:

Medical research is often both revealing and confusing.

Principles Five and Six: Integrative and Functional Medicine

The Christmas season was wonderful, full of joyous memories, but it is time to resume my explanations of the principles behind Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting. I have discussed the Biblical principles which guide my day to day clinical activities, but will now turn to two principles of medicine which benefit my patients, Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine.