Oklahoma Senate Passes Direct Primary Care Bill

I just wanted to share a quick post about legislation effecting Direct Primary Care in the state of Oklahoma.   State Senators there passed Senate Bill 560 protecting patients from losing direct primary care membership agreements in the workplace or such agreements from being considered as insurance.  Next it goes to the house.  Rep. David Derby is quoted in the article from HeraldOnline.com as saying,

Health Insurance For Missionaries: Part 2

(This 2 part post was written by a good friend who worked in a missionary agency, helping missionaries make decision about their health insurance coverage.  While some details apply primarily to missionaries, most of the principles can be applied to our lives regardless of location.  In a sense, we are all missionaries and should consider our health insurance in terms of God’s wisdom. 

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

I had intended to continue my saga of the drunken elephant (the hyper-specialization of medicine), but I wanted to pause and say a few words regarding the healthcare sharing ministries which are offered as alternatives to health insurance.   A new addition to the ones listed further below has been launched for Catholics who were not always comfortable with the statements of faith required by the four faith based options.