Eggs and Liver for Breakfast

Just the other day, I asked myself why doesn’t someone come up with a test for choline deficiency. I constantly address this critical nutrient for patients, especially women of child bearing age and especially those with PEMT snps.

Women of child bearing age are at risk of choline deficiency since they give away tons of choline to their infants. 

Gut Punch to the Head

Gut Punch to the Head?

Traumatic Brain Injury receives more attention these days as more professional sports stars suffer from years of concussions and equipment designers work to lower the risk of long term consequences.  Beyond that, as more and more youth are pressed into intense sports at younger ages, TBI effects are recognized earlier and earlier. 

Building a Baby’s Brain

Baby’s brains begin as a collection of cells inside a mother’s womb. They separate out from other cells destined for other purposes and begin forming the nervous systems. Both the internal instructions of DNA and the external influences of neighboring cells ultimately combine to shape the future brain. Where the cells finally reside in the brain and how they interact with synapses and axons (the connections and the wiring of the nerves) determine how well it functions as we grow up.

Beacon Center on DPC

Good evening,

The Beacon Center provides a quick look at Direct Primary Care and urges our state legislators to take action to protect this great health care delivery model.  Having provided some of the background information to a Beacon Center representative, I was glad to see this article come out as it did. 

Why Patients Love Functional Medicine

This past week, had the opportunity to share some feedback in the Williamson Herald about why patients love functional medicine.  I have copied that editorial below:

Since opening Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting this year, many patients have expressed a similar question, “What is functional medicine?” Dr. Hutton and I enjoy answering this question for two reasons: 1) We see it working in our patients.

PFC MVP – A New View of Nutrition

At the end of September, I was privileged to attend an AFMCP conference.  This stands for Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and was hosted by the Institute for Functional Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  I wanted to share some of the things I learned and realized during that week.  Not all of the thoughts will be completely organized as I was taking notes while writing these notes for you. 

Can immunizations cause autism?

The immunizations and autism debate doesn’t seem to go away. As of today, the scientific evidence does not support the hypothesis that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Md. In fact, the initial study implicating vaccines has been retracted and its author has lost his medical license.