Do You Have A Chronic Illness?

Do you have a Chronic Illness?

When you are suffering, you really don’t care about the World Health Organization’s definition for “Chronic Illness.” They are just telling you what you already know. Something has drained you of vibrancy and health, and that something is not going away.  Regardless of the origin, ongoing, deep suffering touches both body and soul.  The Fall of Adam and Eve opened the door to the evil of suffering and this suffering invades all areas of the sufferer’s life.  For you, chronic illness means your suffering began sometime in the past, continues in the present, and has no foreseeable end.  The Sanctuary team works with the patient suffering in the fog of chronic illness. We endeavor to shine a light that cuts through the haze of the present and shines on the path leading to a healthier future.

At Sanctuary, our patients seek our care because their life has been invaded by an ongoing illness or physical loss that they cannot fully explain.  For some, the invader came as a sudden attack at a definite point in time.  For others, the invasion began vaguely but has left a definite haze that has grown into an oppressive enemy. Either way, this enemy, chronic illness, relentlessly batters their health in one form or another.

Searching for an ally in the battle.

Searching for an effective ally in the battle, our patients come to us for help because their chronic illness destroys their life in many ways.  It debilitates, preventing fruitful labor.  It demoralizes, limiting opportunities for joy with family and friends.  It discourages, seeming endless.  It dehumanizes, slowing one’s thinking and hiding precious memories.  With such huge losses, the search for the right ally and the search for the purpose in it all intensifies the battle for restoration.

While purpose may seem absent in such battles, it is present.  For one, the enemy of our souls, Satan, fully intends these illnesses to destroy people made in the image of God.  In contrast, a loving God somehow works the intended destruction for our good (Romans 8:28). Also, He is gracious enough to give us knowledge and wisdom in both conventional medicine and Functional Medicine.  With this, we can hope to see a measure of restoration in broken bodies.   Further, He brings us into fellowship with both Himself and with others who partner with us in the restoration process.

Shining light into the dark clouds.

At Sanctuary, we strive to meet those caught in the dark cloud of chronic disease and shine the light of Functional Medicine.   While all good must ultimately originate with God, we do believe the Functional Medicine approach is effective because it acknowledges the interconnected nature of God’s design of our bodies and spirits. After all, it was the Great Physician who first directly addressed root causes and brought about whole person healing.  If you find yourself suffering, demoralized, discouraged, and attacked by chronic illness, the Functional MD lead team at Sanctuary awaits the opportunity to be God’s hands in restoring you to a healthier, more abundant life.