Legal Details

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Here is the Full HIPAA Policy for Sanctuary Function Medicine: SMCC HIPAA FINAL

If you are enrolling as a patient, you will need to print and sign this page to:

  1. acknowledge that I have offered the Full Policy for your review,
  2. list to whom I may release your medical information, and
  3. to agree to communication forms (please read form). HIPAA Consent SMCC

Non-Discrimination Statement

Sanctuary Function Medicine does not discriminate in its patient care based on race, gender or religious affiliation. All patients are welcome to request care from the practice, although Dr. Potter reserves the right to respectfully decline to provide care outside of his field of practice or to continue a patient-physician relationship which is harmful to the patient or to himself.

Limitations Regarding the Outcome of Care

All humans, including physicians, are limited in power, knowledge and ability. While Dr. Potter will do his utmost to determine the cause of your suffering and to provide a remedy, he cannot guarantee any specific outcome.

God alone determines our destinies and only He knows all the intricacies of our being including our suffering. Dr. Potter will ask God to use him as a means to your healing and restoration, but cannot guarantee such results.