Medical Detective

What Is a Medical Detective?

Searching Out Answers For You

Do you suffer from symptoms that doctors have difficulty explaining? Have you seen multiple specialists without any “name” for your suffering? Have you felt like no one listened? If so, let’s see how we can work together in searching out some answers for your health concerns.

Today’s healthcare system is not designed for such challenges, as doctors’ time is limited and resources are rationed. However, as your personal medical detective, we will spend time listening to your story and examining you—and then go further. We will review your past care and give your case the investigative time necessary to research both traditional and alternative medical options, all within a biblical framework. We will apply the basic principles of functional medicine, working to apply remedies at the root cause of disease an rather than treating only the symptoms.

The fruit of this work is a written custom health restoration plan for you along with a conversation where you can ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of your health needs. Together, we will fully discuss your options and your concerns. You can then decide where to go with the fruit of the investigation (apply recommendations yourself or enroll in an ongoing program of therapy). When our work is done, we hope to have provided you with both answers and hope regarding the unanswered health issues you’re going through.