Simple, Straightforward Programs - Tailored for your needs

We currently offer several options to enter the restorative care of Sanctuary Functional Medicine.  The options range from the Comprehensive Consultation serving as a medical detective to several more focused options such as mold toxicity testing or a basic review of your genetic reports in the DNA analysis.

For healthy individuals who want the benefits of Sanctuary’s “comprehensive care,” we offer several levels of a Wellness Program.  Ask Steven to share more with you about giving a gift of Wellness to a loved one over the holidays.

We believe in simple, transparent and upfront pricing and encourage you to contact our Relations Manager, Steven Paske, directly via phone at 1(615)-815-5941 or email for an upfront quote of the cost of your care.

For information on each program, click on the last of each green box line to read more.

Comprehensive, Wellness, DNA Analysis, Mold Toxicity, Post Breast Cancer Recovery, Mercury Toxicity

Mold Toxcity Investigation

Focused History, Physical, Labs to Determine if Mold Toxins are Affecting You
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  • Find mold under the floor, behind a wall, or after a water leak?
  • Feeling tired, have brain fog, or other unexplained symptoms?
  • You may need a health evaluation for mold toxicity.
  • We can assist with answering this question with a focused consultation at Sanctuary.
  • Knowing the root cause of suffering is the first step to restoration.
  • Contact Steven today to learn more.

Breast Cancer Recovery

Restoring Normal Function After Breast Cancer Therapy
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  • Walking out of your oncologist’s office relieved to hear “you are in remission”.
  • Hoping to use all available wisdom and resources to stay in remission?
  • Sanctuary can offer many natural therapies to lower your risk of cancer recurrence.
  • Nutrition, Lifestyle, Genetics, and Supplements can all contribute to your restoration to wellness under our care.
  • We guide you in restoring proper functioning of metabolism and hormones once the anti-cancer therapies are completed.
  • Call Steven to learn how we can serve you in this next stage of health.

Brain Health - Solving the Mystery

Restoring Optimal Brain Health
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  • Brain feel broken?
  • Memory dragging?
  • Concentration just off
  • Sanctuary Functional Medicine offers a Brain Health Program to solve the mystery of your brain’s health
  • A comprehensive and systematic functional medicine progress over multiple visits.
  • Call Steven to learn how Sanctuary can restore your brain’s optimal function and prevent future decline.

DNA Analysis

One Visit of 90 minutes to Review Genetic Program (for adults and children)
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  • Staring at a Genetic Report unsure what to do next?
  • Looking at your family tree and wondering if you are the next to fall?
  • Sanctuary can shed light on what to do next.
  • Utilizing continuously updating software to analyze the vast array of genetic data.
  • Combining the latest technology with old fashioned face to face explanations.
  • Dr. Potter guides you from this darkness into the light that genetics can offer for your health journey.
  • Don’t settle for a computer generated report when you can have Dr. Potter apply Genomics wisdom to your unique situation.
  • Don’t settle for a quick computer automated genetic report that treats you like a statistic.
  • Find out what your genetics mean for you as a unique person.
  • Don’t settle for a quick computer automated genetic report that treats you like a statistic.
  • Find out what your genetics mean for you as a unique person.

Introductory Visit

Single Visit to Learn What We Can Offer You or Your Child
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  • After unsuccessful attempts by other doctors, many want to test the waters.
  • They want to hear a little more from Sanctuary providers before embarking on the comprehensive consultation.
  • This single visit allows us to connect and dialogue about your health.
  • We evaluate your health story and offer a lab investigation plan when you choose to continue with a full consultation.
  • No further commitment is required, but the door is opened to restoring your health.

Mercury Detoxification

Addressing Mercury Toxicity from Dental Amalgams
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  • Looking for help in ridding your body of toxic mercury?
  • Looking in the mirror at a mouth full of silver fillings?
  • We can evaluate you for mercury toxicity before or after amalgam removal.
  • Hopefully, we find nothing, but if we find mercury, we can help you safely detox.
  • Call Steven to learn how we can use supplements or IV therapies to restore health after mercury toxicity.

All consultations require a deposit (varies with package).