Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

See what our patients have to say about Sanctuary Functional Medicine.
Memphis, Tennessee

We have been very pleased with the entire staff. We are most impressed with Dr potters extensive knowledge and expertice. We are very grateful to have found Sanctuary and we recommend it to anyone we can. Thank you all!

Spring Hill, TN

At one of the most confusing, difficult times in my life Dr. Eric Potter brought the hope and answers I needed. When we first met and he opened our appointment with prayer I knew I had found the perfect doctor for me. He was empathetic and listened carefully to every symptom I was feeling. He was devoted to digging deeper and finding the root cause to whatever was causing the problems I was facing.

Dr. Potter provided a 15-page wellness program and an over hour-long phone call thoroughly explaining the complicated diagnosis of MTHFR and other various genetic SNPs. He was attentive and answered every question I had. I am most appreciative that the wellness plan was not a “one-size-fits-all” protocol. He tailored it specifically to my issues and was devoted to restoring balance to my body naturally. For example, instead of jumping to prescribing thyroid medicine to treat my low hormones levels, he advised to take the necessary steps to restore hormone production naturally, and it worked. Now, a year later I am feeling better than I ever have. When I first met with him I was eating a very limited diet, probably under 20 safe foods, and now I am eating so many I can’t even count.

I am living a normal life without any symptoms I used to have, like excessive fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, irregular and painful menstruation, food intolerances, and for that I am forever grateful.


I am still in the treatment phase, but it has been amazing so far! I have already recommended SFM to an acquaintance, and she is now a patient there. I wish I had found Dr. Potter and the SFM family before, but I know God’s timing is perfect. I have complete confidence in Dr. Potter and Hans and already feel better even though I am just getting started…knowing the root cause of my symptoms/suffering is such a huge relief!

Spring Hill, TN

I am so thankful for the care I have received from Dr. Potter and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a competent, thorough and thoughtful doctor.

Dr. Potter clearly studies, enjoys and understands some of the more complex systems of the body. I feel like he has a good handle on how various systems of the body interact with one another. In other words, he doesn’t see our bodies as isolated parts; rather he is good at looking at how things work together. This is exactly the kind of mindset I have needed in a doctor during the course of my 14 year healthy journey and I’m so thankful to have finally found it.

In line with this holistic approach, he regularly asks the question, ”What is the root cause?” and will take the time and effort necessary to search out answers to this important question until he finds what is needed to begin the restoration process.  I often think of him as both a doctor and an investigator of sorts. He has helped me find answers to several complex mysteries through tenacious investigation and through prayer. 

I also really appreciate how Dr. Potter has made himself available to help answer questions.  He communicates with me on a regular basis. I don’t just see him once every few months for 15 minutes and go on my way. Through feedback on my symptom charts, thorough explanations of my test results, and responses to my follow-up questions, it feels more like a partnership and in this partnership, Dr. Potter has proven his value for good, regular doctor-patient communication. That is a rare element in today’s health care system and is a key benefit to being under Dr. Potter’s care. 

Whether your live in the Nashville area or overseas, like me, I highly recommend Dr. Potter to you. He has been an answer to many years of prayer!


I feel as though I finally have answers to problems that have troubled me from a young age that
were just overlooked. I have never had this thorough of information and test results that prove
actual problems and not just being a hypochondriac. No doubt that Sanctuary Functional Medicine has been an answer to many prayers and will continue to be a blessing. So grateful for the doctors, nurses, and support here.

Spring Hill, TN

In February of 2015, I started seeing Dr. Potter. My health history is long and involved, but Dr. Potter spent about THREE HOURS at my initial new patient visit getting a thorough understanding of it! In thirty years of going to doctors to resolve my health issues, that has never happened.

My husband and I traveled six hours to visit Dr. Potter for several reasons:
  1. he believes in functional medicine (determining the root cause of medical issues verses prescribing pills and surgery.);
  2. he has been trained by Dr. Ben Lynch in MTHFR genetic defects;
  3. he does phone consulting with distance patients combined by occasional in person visits;
  4. he is reasonably priced; and,
  5. Dr. Potter, as a mature Christian who is pursuing seminary training, understands the interplay of a patient’s soul and body in the healing process.
Dr. Potter monitors my progress via a two week symptom tracker. He is quick to respond to my questions and concerns and makes the time to research issues that I am having. An example of this recently involved calling a compounding pharmacy several times to fine tune my thyroid medication.
If you want a compassionate, knowledgeable, and responsible physician . . .  I can confidently recommend Dr. Eric Potter.

We knew something was wrong because our son wouldn’t engage in communication, he lost his desire to talk and he didn’t use eye contact – he was becoming isolated in his own world. But when we heard our son had autism, we were shocked. It doesn’t run in our families, we don’t use drugs or drink and we eat mostly organic. He was diagnosed with autism when he was 4. I didn’t for a minute think he was born with it, which is what our pediatrician told us. We had our son genetically tested and found out he had an MTHFR defect. Upon researching we found Dr. Potter to be an expert in this area. When we saw Dr. Potter and his staff they worked on finding the underlying problem instead of pushing some pill. His autism was treated as a symptom and not the underlying problem. Through a serious of labs, we found out that our son’s cells were very rancid after being contaminated. We suspected aluminum to be the cause and we were right. Dr. Potter put us on a program to fix the rancidity and remove the aluminum. It had been about 8 months now and our son is well on his path to a full recovery. He is no longer in his own world, he communicates, he uses eye contact, he laughs and cracks jokes. He is 6 now and he is still a little behind, but that is because we lost him for a couple of years. Our pediatrician would have never ordered the test Dr Potter did and would have only put our son on some drug he did not need. If you want to fix your underlying problem and get healthy again, your best bet is with Dr. Potter.


“Dr. Potter and his team are amazing. It is wonderful to have a deep, thorough, meaningful discussion with a doctor about what’s going on without having to worry about them watching the clock or being interrupted every three minutes. I’ve had every question answered both in person and by email, and I’ve received extremely prompt responses from their staff through the online portal. Fair warning, though: They will test the bejesus out of you to find out what’s wrong!”

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