Comprehensive Consultation (Official)

Comprehensive Treatment Program

We offer Comprehensive Health Consultations for ADULTS AND CHILDREN. Whether you are looking for a medical detective who can provide deeper answers to a specific health issue or are just looking to improve or maintain your overall health, our aim is to gain a close understanding of your health and empower you with a personalized plan for restoration.

We offer in-person and distance healthcare. For patients traveling from a distance, we can see you once a year and still order labs or therapies in your home state.  For patients unable to visit us in person, Dr. Potter can offer private and secure video advisory consultations to any state. For patients across Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Minnesota, Dr. Potter can serve as your full consulting physician through a secure video portal.

Connecting, Restoring, Cultivating Health in the Broken Body and Broken Heart

The hallmark of the functional medicine approach is to understand the underlying factors of a patient’s health. We do this by taking to time understand every aspect of a patient’s health story in a Comprehensive Health Consultation.

In this intensive consultation we spend two 90-minute visits with you, discussing your medical and family history and other key factors impacting your health, such as your lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, emotions, spirit and healthcare preferences. In addition to the standard lab work–testing your kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, cholesterol, and blood counts–we may also utilize a variety of specialty labs to dig into the root causes of your illness.

These specialty labs can measure hormone levels, toxins/heavy metals, your metabolic status or possible infections. We’ll determine which labs you may need from a thorough analysis of your medical history and physical exam. We personalize the testing approach for each patient, using what we believe will be most likely to provide answers. 

Examples of testing beyond standard labs:

  • OATS testing – Organic Acid Testing

  • Methylation Cycle Panels

  • Genetic Testing and Interpretation Services

  • Full Thyroid Panels

  • Food Sensitivity

  • Autoimmune Panels

  • Allergy Testing

  • Mold Toxicity Testing

  • Adrenal Fatigue Testing

  • Hormone Panels

  • Advanced Cholesterol Panels

  • Vitamin / Mineral Testing

  • Energy Cycle Testing

  • Organic Toxin Testing

  • Lyme Testing

  • Lyme Co-Infection Testing

  • Nutritional Evaluations

  • Heavy Metal Testing

The Second visit is spent explaining your test results and discussing your restoration plan. You end the visit with a summary of instructions regarding supplements, medications, therapies, and nutrition. Our physician assistant Hans then spends another 30 minutes the following week organizing your plan with you after you have had time to read through the report.

In the 3-5 months after Hans therapy review visit, you will have two other visits with medical staff and portal access through which you can ask short questions regarding therapy. Given the complexity of our patients we ask for this 6 month commitment as we know the deeper restoration you want is never quick. Should you need longer term therapy, we can discuss options at that time.

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DNA Analysis Program

We dig deep to shed light on your genetics.

Don’t settle for a quick, superficial, and ultimately unfruitful genetic interpretation by just anyone.

The hallmark of the functional medicine approach is to understand the underlying factors of a patient’s health. In the DNA Analysis Program, we do this by taking our comprehensive history followed by a screening physical exam.  We then combine this with an in-depth evaluation of your 23 and Me raw data in our special software.  While other reviews of your genetic data scratch the surface, we dig deep to determine how your SNPs may be affecting your health.

No lab testing will be performed in this process although we can review past testing.  You will leave with a online accessible report concerning your genetics.  Should you want to continue with a full consult, you may convert to the Comprehensive Consultation Program.

Sample SNPs that we will address:


  • PEMT

  • NAT2 and PON1 for Detox

  • CYP Cytochromes for Detox

  • Methylation Cycle

  • Cardiovascular Risk

  • Cancer Risks

  • APOE and other Alzheimers Risk

  • COMT

  • Hormone SNPs

  • Neurotransmitter SNPs

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