Don’t Breathe Too Deep

            If anyone tells you that what your child breathes in every day does not matter, besides unfriending them on Facebook, hand them this article first.  If the myriad studies on the effects of cigarette smoke is not enough, this article examines the potential link between particulate matter in the air and the development of working memory in young children. 

More Than Salt

Racial disparities in terms of varying prevalence for different diseases may have a multitude of causes underneath the surface.  Sometimes genetics raises its guilty hand.  Sometime geographical factors like sun exposure, fish intake, or local toxins may cast their vote in a person’s health future. Researchers entered into a study in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) to search for explanations for high blood pressure rates being higher in African Americans.

What You Really Need to Know About PANDAS

In functional medicine, we see a myriad of patients who have been dismissed by conventional medicine as psychosomatic, meaning “its just in their head”.  Many children, teens, and occasionally young adults enter our clinic with the oddest of mental and emotional symptoms.  The common factor lies in the symptoms having begun suddenly soon after some type of infection.