Finding MEMO1, Autism and Cellular Train Tracks

Finding clues to the underlying mechanisms of autism would seem easier than finding a lost fish in the ocean at times. It turns out that one clue arises from cellular train tracks laid down early in development. These subcellular microtubular proteins serve as tracks on which the developing brain sends cells to differentiate into different brain areas.

All Cholesterol is not the Same

We live in an age of heart disease and strokes where medicine often focuses solely on a patient’s LDL cholesterol number as the most important factor to prevent these deadly diseases. A functional MD like myself hopes to see that perspective shift as more research like this article comes to light. The researchers from Ohio University build upon the work of many others which again indicate that the LDL number in a standard cholesterol panel falls short of predicting who is at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Single Cell Genetics in Autism

Autism research has developed into a multidimensional scavenger hunt with every research tool possible being thrown at the growing epidemic. It benefits from new discoveries and new tools in other fields, particularly lab methods such as single cell transcriptomics. In this study, researchers evaluated single cells for genetic expression changes in different areas of autistic patients’ brains.

I’m Getting Better!

“I remember the day on the left very clearly. It was 2013; and it was my best day of that week. I had actually gotten out of bed, taken a bath and put clothes on to go to the store with my husband. I didn’t make it out of the car, but I was out of the house!

It Ain’t That Simple: Autism

I constantly tell my patients that if their illness were so simple to have one simple “cause” then someone else would have already “fixed” it for them. We have all grown up in a world of medicine where the one-cause-one-disease model has prevailed leading us to all stumble when real life and its illnesses are not that simple.

Chaos versus Wisdom

Proverbs Chapter 1:1-7

Life in chaos empties one’s soul whereas wisdom nourishes as it orders and restores. Patients come to our Sanctuary desiring release from chaos’ grip on their health, their lives. Our Sanctuary seeks to serve these good desires through applying wisdom.

How should such a sharing of wisdom from a Christian health provider to a life in the grips of chaos occur in today’s medical office?

Herbal Medicines are Bad for You

Okay, don’t be alarmed by the headline.  I just used a little marketing gimmick to get you to read something that may save your life.  But yes, the headline is true… in certain situations. The article in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine references the potential for herbal remedy contamination contributing to morbidity,