Mother’s Day and our DNA Analysis Package

As we celebrate the wonderful gift of motherhood to our families, we wanted to share this special discount by 23 and Me.

As a functional MD, I utilize genetic testing like this and from other companies to guide my care in our comprehensive program.  Genetic testing often uncovers otherwise inexplicable symptoms or reactions to therapies.  The specialized testing I use guides me 90% of the time, but at times patients are just not responding as expected.  Using advanced software to analyze the thousands of SNPs in a 23 and Me test, I can often get past these roadblocks to restoring a healthier life for patients.

With the results from 23 and Me, I may be able to answer many of your health questions such as:  Which diet is better for ME?  Which vitamins do I need more of?  What diseases am I at risk for?  How is my methylation cycle working?

Whether you want a single visit to explore your genetics or need a comprehensive program to restore health, call Steven at 615-815-5941 and he can explain more how our program offers healthier lives for our patients.

Learn more about our DNA Analysis package by visiting HERE.

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