Services Sanctuary Offers

We know that each of you need your own personalized program delivered with caring hands by a coordinated team of highly trained professionals.

Our team stands ready to deliver a worthy return on your time and effort towards your healthier more abundant life.

By offering this combined with the best of both worlds of medicine, natural and conventional, applied to your whole person, we strive towards restoring broken lives.

The following services introduce you to the pathways of restoration we offer at Sanctuary.

The Intensive Program

Our Intensive Program serves both adults and children who are dealing with Chronic Illness. Regardless of the length or severity of the health problem, this intensive program seeks to restore patients to better health so that they can go on to live healthier and more abundant lives. Learn more

Adults and Children

Enlist a specialist extensively trained in caring for you or your child when you choose Dr. Potter who is board certified in both Internal Medicine for Adults and Pediatrics for children. With hours of training over 20 plus years with ongoing study, you get what you and your child need to return to a healthier more abundant life. Learn more.

Mold Toxicity

Does your body seem to be fighting against you with seemingly unconnected symptoms? Uncovering mold toxicity means not only an explanation but with a Sanctuary detoxifcation protocol, this answer can also lead to feeling alive again with joy rather than suffering. Many have overcome before you. Join them. Learn more.

LYME and Target Borne Infections

Sometimes we discover Lyme is underlying a patient’s chronic illness…. With therapy… We see fatigue resolve. We see pains fade. We see vibrancy recover as the inflammation is quelled and the symptoms abate. As the infection and its toxins fade from the immediate picture, the body can be encouraged to function normally again. Learn more.


Many seek out our help for autoimmune conditions… Healthier, more abundant lives can then grow out of the fertile ground when (autoimmune) triggers are removed and nutrients energize the body. Patients can overcome not only the superficial symptoms, letting them return to normal life, but rest confident in knowing that the deeper unseen processes are no longer harming them. Learn more.


Where did my little Johnny go? Everything changed over a short period, maybe a night, maybe over a week, but your child morphed into another personality suddenly…. Your child’s health can be restored to a life of childhood joys unhindered by brain inflammation and unpredictable behaviors. The personality you knew can come back to life. Learn more.


Many come to us with bodies that just don’t want to get up and go…. With our care… They get more done at home or at work. They have more energy to have fun. Patients often express “so this is what it feels like to feel normal” or “I didn’t know how sick I really was until I felt better”. Learn more.

Autism and ADHD

As a parent, you know something changed about your child, something that you may not be able to pinpoint exactly, but you just know is there… By working to remove the triggers for brain inflammation and augmenting the body’s ability to heal, new changes emerge…. Your child can see a better future ahead interacting, learning, and playing. Learn more.

Long Hauler COVID

Reaching out for help with suspected or confirmed Long Hauler COVID or Post Acute COVID Syndrome? The acute illness wrecked havoc with our society and caused many severe illnesses for 1 to 3 week episodes. Then the prolonged illnesses many are experiencing are tormenting lives for months.  Learn more.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Mast cells are immune cells which release histamine and dozens other chemical messengers in response to some trigger. The histamine and other chemicals serve a purpose under normal conditions, but when they build up in excess, they can cause hives, allergies, food intolerances, migraines, GI symptoms, and many other surprising symptoms. Learn more.

Thyroid Disorder

One might find it hard to imagine how a little gland sitting in their neck could cause so many problems when it fizzles, yet anyone with hypothyroid (low functioning) can attest to the multitude of symptoms it creates.  The thyroid produces thyroid hormone which controls our metabolic rate like a gas pedal.  Learn more.

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Choosing the Right Supplement

One might wonder how functional medicine doctors can keep up with the thousands of supplements and pharmaceuticals out there, let alone their combinations and interactions. Honestly, no one can know everything, even if they practice medicine for decades. Beyond that, even if you memorized all the current supplements, tomorrow a slew of new discoveries, products,…


Feeling the Burn After a UTI

Three little letters drive many women crazy.  U, T, and I combine into Urinary Tract Infection in millions of women yearly, causing significant discomfort and inconvenience.  For some, it is a short-lived condition that resolves with either natural remedies or antibiotics.  For others, the bladder pain can persist for days or weeks after the actual…


Functional Pediatric Wellness (#1)

Parents in our pediatric wellness program get more than just a trusted and experienced provider for their children; they get access to our childhood wellness guidance resources online 24/7. As we combine the best of functional and conventional medicine, Christian wisdom, and parenting experience without driving you to unnecessary fear, you get our guidance for…


Proverbs 15:30

Proverbs 15:30 ESV The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones. []   Sickness of the body is a universal human experience. We all can remember a snotty nose or a headache or a stubbed toe. Too many of us know all about serious injuries, chronic illness, even the…


Mold and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

For those not aware of our Mold Symptom Therapy Guide website, let this “Rewriting Mold” series serve as a reminder of both what we offer our patients and what we offer the general public in terms of understanding mold toxicity illness.  Over the coming weeks, I will be reviewing and reposting sections of our Mold…


Dad’s Gut Bacteria and Your Pregnancy

Some days, with all the research headlines, it can feel like we are controlled by the gut bacteria in our colons.  News headlines keep talking about dysbiosis and the effects of antibiotics on gut health.  Now we have one more twist that even surprised me a little.  I did not see this headline coming, the…


We knew something was wrong because our son wouldn’t engage in communication, he lost his desire to talk and he didn’t use eye contact – he was becoming isolated in his own world. But when we heard our son had autism, we were shocked. It doesn’t run in our families, we don’t use drugs or…
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At one of the most confusing, difficult times in my life Dr. Eric Potter brought the hope and answers I needed. When we first met and he opened our appointment with prayer I knew I had found the perfect doctor for me. He was empathetic and listened carefully to every symptom I was feeling. He…
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I feel as though I finally have answers to problems that have troubled me from a young age that were just overlooked. I have never had this thorough of information and test results that prove actual problems and not just being a hypochondriac. No doubt that Sanctuary Functional Medicine has been an answer to many…
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“Sanctuary has been a different experience for me, but a good one. I had been looking for answers for 6 years before I found Dr. Potter. I have to drive 2 hours to get to his office and I am happy to do so. Dr. Potter listens to my entire story and writes everything down…
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I am very thankful to have come so far in my healing journey. I was just thinking this morning that I no longer have that overwhelming feeling of fatigue when I first wake up. You, your knowledge, protocol, and staff have been and are such a blessing to me (and my family). To have a…
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At one of the most confusing, difficult times in my life Dr. Eric Potter brought the hope and answers I needed. When we first met and he opened our appointment with prayer I knew I had found the perfect doctor for me. He was empathetic and listened carefully to every symptom I was feeling. He…
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Credentials and Training

Vanderbilt Trained


Dr. Potter received his MD degree from Vanderbilt School of Medicine in the class of ’99 where he learned to approach medical challenges with open eyes and a full toolbox.

Board Certified - Adults and Children


Dr. Potter achieved board certification with the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Institute for Functional Medicine Certified


Dr. Potter further certified in functional Medicine with IFM after a multi-year study program and certification exam.

Licensed in Multiple States


Dr. Potter’s office begins in Franklin, Tennessee, but stretches through telemedicine across the United States and licenses outside Tennessee.

Extended Training


Dr. Potter continues training through conferences and lectures to bring the best and latest of medicine to Sanctuary’s patients..

21 Years Experience and Counting


With over two decades of caring for the broken bodied patients of our fallen world, Dr. Potter’s experience extends across multiple areas of health care.

Dr. Eric Potter graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and then went on to specialize in internal medicine (adult) and pediatric care, spending significant time and effort in growing his medical understanding while caring for patients from all walks of life. In recent years, he devoted countless hours to obtaining the Institute for Functional Medicine Certification (link here).  This certification places him within a small group of regional practitioners who have completed the entire program.  At Sanctuary you will find the best of the conventional medical field combined with the best of Functional Medicine.


We believe in living a healthier more abundant life.

Live a Healthier More Abundant Life

Our goal at Sanctuary is to help you achieve a life full of joy and peace where you are free to pursue your calling and spend time with your family without the looming specter of illness.


Connecting with You and Your Story

The foundation of our chronic illness practice is the relationship of trust we build with our patients. We want to hear your story of suffering so we can find your keys to a healthier life.  Your story matters to us.


Restoring Health From Chronic Illness

We go deeper than managing symptoms for chronic health suffering.  Our aim is to restore health to its optimal level–the level we believe God intends for you. We do this through the best of both conventional and Functional medicine.


Cultivating an Empowered Life

We’re on a mission to empower our patients with the knowledge and habits they need to cultivate a truly healthy lifestyle.  Once their chronic illness has been addressed, we want to keep them well with our Empowered Life Program.

A Staff that Cares

The Sanctuary Functional Medicine Staff