Dr. Eric Potter IFM Certified MD, Board Certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrician

Connecting With You and Your Story
The foundation of our chronic illness practice is the relationship of trust we build with our patients. We want to hear your story of suffering so we can find your keys to a healthier life.  Your story matters to us.
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Restoring Health From Chronic Illness
We go deeper than managing symptoms for chronic health suffering.  Our aim is to restore health to its optimal level–the level we believe God intends for you. We do this through the best of both conventional and Functional medicine.
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Cultivating An Empowered Life
We’re on a mission to empower our patients with the knowledge and habits they need to cultivate a truly healthy lifestyle.  Once their chronic illness has been addressed, we want to keep them well with our Empowered Life Program.
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Sanctuary Pathways to Living a Healthier More Abundant Life

Our Franklin, TN, based team led by Dr. Eric Potter, Functional MD, has a successful record in restoring health back to patients suffering Chronic Illness. This functional medicine whole person approach is also available to patients nationwide through secure telemedicine following an initial visit in our Nashville area office.

Sanctuary’s Comprehensive Treatment Program provides a deep investigation into our patient’s unique health needs. It then serves as the entry point to many different pathways toward health restoration. 

One such treatment option that may be integrated into our other programs is the Interpretive Genetics Program. We use this genetic study to teach each patient about their unique biological functions and how they interact with each other.

In our Franklin, TN office we’re also pleased to offer IV Therapy when needed as a treatment option. IV therapy can effectively hasten recoveries for those with extenuating circumstances in their illness. We are adding other functional medicine services in 2020, so stay tuned.

Each personalized program is designed to lead either towards our Empowered Life Program which seeks to equip our patients to enjoy an Abundant Lifetime of health and well-being.

We look forward to meeting you in our Nashville area office to begin your journey to a Healthier More Abundant Life.

Notice for patients of Sanctuary Functional Medicine:

Given the recent mandate by local government officials requiring masks, we will be asking all in person patients to wear a mask during your visit at our office.  If you have a medical condition which prevents you from safely wearing a mask, just let us know and you will never be forced to wear one.
Dr. Potter

Patient Testimonials

We have helped hundreds of patients. See what they have to say about Dr. Potter, our Comprehensive Treatment Program, and Sanctuary Functional Medicine.

“In February of 2015, I started seeing Dr. Potter. My health history is long and involved, but Dr. Potter spent about THREE HOURS at my initial new patient visit getting a thorough understanding of it! In thirty years of going to doctors to resolve my health issues, that has never happened.” – D.B. Spring Hill, TN

“I am still in the treatment phase, but it has been amazing so far! I have already recommended SFM to an acquaintance, and she is now a patient there. I wish I had found Dr. Potter and the SFM family before, but I know God’s timing is perfect. I have complete confidence in Dr. Potter and Hans and already feel better even though I am just getting started…knowing the root cause of my symptoms/suffering is such a huge relief!”

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Immune Prepper 101

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If you don’t have a chronic illness but long to become a patient of SFM for labs, analysis and care that address your immune health needs we have a program called SFM Group Visits.

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