The Genomics of Long-Term Memory

            The brain
and especially its memory function have long fascinated mankind.  Its capacity to remember facts, events, and
more has remained a challenging mystery despite countless attempt to probe the
process.  As a listened to a genomics
podcast by Illumina called, Illumina Genomics on iTunes, Dr. Ted Abel at the
University of Iowa discussed his team’s research into how our brains retain
long-term memories using acetylation and epigenetics. 

The Genomics of Cardiac Disease Risk

Who knows how much investment is going into finding the
genes behind various chronic diseases? 
Fixing what is broken always seems to take more energy and effort than
preventing the disease damage in the first place… an ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure.  As a listened to
a genomics podcast by Illumina called,

Another Autoimmune Disease Discovered: Narcolepsy

While parents of newborns may sometimes claim to have
narcolepsy, this mysterious disease has presented a challenge to medical
researchers for some time.  Individuals
with narcolepsy experience the frequent and sudden episodes of sleep during
daytime hours.  While sleep deprived
parents of newborns know why they are falling asleep, those with narcolepsy and
their doctors have been left in the dark. 

Genomic Clustering in Type 2 Diabetes

genomic revolution stands eager to answer the age-old medical question, “nature
versus nurture”.  In a sense, we know
that the symptom of disease we see in patients results from both, only with the
advancing technology to sequence DNA have we begun to uncover the genetics half
of the equation.  For chronic diseases
like type 2 diabetes,