“One Dose of Conquering Peace”

Day 1 of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas”
“One Dose of Conquering Peace”

At Sanctuary Functional Medicine, our patients come to us seeking restoration. An important part of that restoring process includes finding relief from the chaos that chronic illness has brought into their lives. That chaos comes in many different forms.

Herbal Medicines are Bad for You

Okay, don’t be alarmed by the headline.  I just used a little marketing gimmick to get you to read something that may save your life.  But yes, the headline is true… in certain situations. The article in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine references the potential for herbal remedy contamination contributing to morbidity,

Getting High on Liverwort

Discoveries come from the oddest places. Having noted a growing number of internet claims for a legal high from liverwort, researchers overturn a long held belief that only marijuana produced a THC type substance that would trigger CB receptors and psychoactive effects.  Don’t get too excited as the effect is less than your usual THC and many internet reports downplay the euphoria experienced with this newly discovered substance called perrottetinene (cis-Pet). 

Diabetes Begins with Bacteria

Those outside of functional medicine may ridicule the notion that our gut play such a central role in our health (and so did I at one time), but recent research makes that more and more difficult to ignore.  Researchers in a Swedish university looked closely at the gut bacteria of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients searching for clues. 

Brainwave Biomarker to Diagnose Autism?

Rather than waste time debating whether or not Autism has increased or is just more frequently reported, more fruit will result from studies like this one by researchers at Kanazawa University in Japan.  As the numbers of children diagnosed with autism rises faster and faster, Kyung-min et al chase a non-invasive test for diagnosing this debilitating childhood developmental disorder.