Cats, Dogs, and Unfriendly Bacteria


        In this case, I will spend less time summarizing the linked article and more time encouraging you to read the articles directly.  Medscape provides a great summary of the potential animal born infections that can affect humans.  These diseases are called zoonoses.  They are contracted when humans interact with the animals who are carriers of the bacteria or viruses. 

Good Night Gut


            Correlations between poor sleep and gut bacteria have intrigued medical scientists for years, but the mechanism connecting the two had not been discovered.  Researchers from Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal may have uncovered one of the potential links in a recent study published in Nature.  A particular immune cell called group 3 innate lymphoid cell (ILC3) which were already known to modulate metabolism,

When Your Gut Bacteria Hands You a Drink


         In functional medicine circles, I have heard many anecdotes about patients who got tipsy with sugar intake.  While not necessarily common, auto-brewery syndrome is not uncommon either.  In these patients, sugar intake appears to feed yeast in the colon which convert the sugar to alcohol.  Even conventional medicine had to recognize this entity given the multiplicity of case reports which had been tested and proven true.