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First of all, I have to admit that I have never recommended Thunder God Vine Root for autoimmune diseases.  Maybe you will fault me for not knowing about this potentially beneficial therapy for autoimmune disease, but this is part of practicing functional medicine.  New studies come out.  New knowledge and understanding come out of research. 

Brain Over Fire

We are truly a whole person.  Functional MD’s like myself recognize how our body, minds, and spirits interact even though we don’t always understand fully the mechanisms.  Still, we appreciate when studies support what we practice on a daily basis.  This study looked at how cognitive behavioral therapy could lower inflammation and affect inflammatory messengers of our immune system.

Airborne Mycotoxins

            As a functional MD caring for a multitude of mold toxic patient, I am frequently fielding the question of “how did I get mold toxins in me?”.  I am also faced with defending this field of mold detox to conventional medicine.  This particular article provides a few answers to how this whole process occurs and leads to patients experiencing multi-symptom,

Faithfulness to First Loves

Faithfulness to First Loves

Proverbs 5:15-23


The betrayal of first loves is deepest of all.  We have read last week of the consequences of betrayal. We read here of the commanded actions towards one’s wife of their youth.

Drink from her and do not share with others.  

A Race Between our Brain and our Body

Medical research supports both brain exercise and body exercise for our health.  Given the quest for deeper understanding researchers next wondered if the brain or the body led the way in staying healthy.  Boris Cheval et al published their attempt to determine the race between brain and body in Health Psychology.

By monitoring cognitive function and physical activity in a European group from age 50 to 90,