Nuggets of Lyme Truth from Mainline Media

A Functional MD like myself has to keep his eyes open for nuggets of patient benefiting wisdom wherever it might be discovered.  Usually, these nuggets are dug up from online scientific journal searches where thousands and thousands of articles are available to announce the latest discoveries about health.  In this case, the nugget comes from the New York Times of all places.

Concussions are more than just a bruised brain…

Functional MD’s like myself often find ourselves in the realm of medical concepts like methylomics, transcriptomics, and genomes when we are researching ways to alleviate our patient’s suffering.  In searching for personalized therapy modalities for my patients, I find myself reading the latest research on a variety of issues. One research topic of late has received much attention in part due to the number of sports stars dealing with neurodegenerative symptoms after head injuries.  

Alzheimers – Hope Begins with Understanding

Each year hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into Alzheimer’s disease research and countless families are affected as a loved one begins the apparently irreversible downhill trajectory of this degenerative disease.  Lives are being lost to this relentless thief. Are we any closer to discerning this thief’s entry points? Have we gained insight into how to contain this enemy?  

Even the Functional MD’s Child Needs Functional Care: A Mother’s Story

Our child had been sick for months, the slightest virus was a trial of strength, allergies amplified existent developmental challenges, and going outside was a dream from six months prior. We began to realize that each successive allergy and illness was sweeping away weeks of hard-earned progress. Could the functional medicine approach help our child?

Mold toxins not only trigger a myriad of symptoms, but these symptoms mimic numerous other diagnoses.

Moldy Trail Signs

As a Functional MD who treats mold toxic patients, my middle Tennessee hikes often remind

me of my work with patients in the clinic.  I end up pondering what type of mold is growing on the trail markers and rocks around me.  Thankfully, I can reassure myself that these outdoor growths are not the toxic molds that we need to avoid. 

Toxins In All the Wrong Places

No doubt about it, we live in a toxic world.  Our clinic treats countless different toxic conditions from metals to mold to synthetic organic toxins.  From National Geographic and BBC nature documentaries, I knew that various wildlife could produce some pretty nasty toxins as well, but this story grabbed my attention.  A fish tank threatened this family’s lives during a simple cleaning process.

What do your baby’s poop and their brain talk about?

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of some conversation, listening in?  Well, researchers are trying to do just that as your sweet little baby’s poop sends messages to his or her developing brain.

Research methods over recent decades have allowed scientists to “see” so many more bacteria in our guts and how they interact with our bodies.

Natural Therapies for Allergies – Session 5 of 5

What could the 5th and final video in our Natural Therapies for Allergies have in it? The approach.

Dr. Potter wants to make sure you’re equipped with all you need to battle allergies the natural way to ensure you live a healthier, more abundant life!

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