Environmental toxins

Toxins now pervade all areas of our daily lives while industry, government, and conventional medicine continue to rebuff even an acknowledgement of the predicament.  We can look back at the deaths of Beethoven and Van Gogh to see how heavy metals may insidiously destroy lives of greatness.  Modernity would argue that the 21st century is so much wiser and would never self-destruct with lead poisoning like these ignorant ones of the past. 

What do your baby’s poop and their brain talk about?

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of some conversation, listening in?  Well, researchers are trying to do just that as your sweet little baby’s poop sends messages to his or her developing brain.

Research methods over recent decades have allowed scientists to “see” so many more bacteria in our guts and how they interact with our bodies.

Anyone here want the government taking away IV compounded Therapies?

I know that many of you feel bombarded with the insanity of our healthcare system.  Much of my time is spent caring for those who have not found health in the broken system; or sharing what I learn about functional medicine so that it may help others.  Now, I ask something in return for Sanctuary and for all those who benefit from IV therapies that we and many other functional medicine doctors provide. 

What Do Genes Taste Like?

We all know picky eaters in our families or friends. They push the broccoli away or focus their attention on gets in foods. Of course functional medicine tells us that gut bacteria and yeast influence such preferences, but this research pulls interesting connections out of genome studies.

Researchers compared food preferences and dietary patterns to gene testing and found some linkages.

Ban productive doctors?

While I have some disagreements with this site at times, I must applied their post on productivity in medicine.

The point they are conveying concerns one of the reasons why I left conventional medicine and left the broken Healthcare System behind. Daily I was measured by something called a RVU or relative value unit.