Something is Fishy with this Study

Had to pick myself up off the floor with this discovery.  I could not believe it that a mainline academic institution would allow an article like this to be printed.  I mean, how could the University of Massachusetts publicly admit that functional doctor’s like myself were right about omega 3’s and childhood aggressive behavior.

I have seen the benefits in children for a number of years. 

Keep Your Eye on the Turmeric

Research studies about turmeric or its derivative, curcumin, frequently catch my eye, especially this one that looked at turmeric and glaucoma. Researchers had apparently been testing systemic administration of turmeric for glaucoma (a disease of high pressure inside the eye that can result in blindness).  The poor ability of turmeric to dissolve in water had limited its effectiveness not just in eye therapies,

SFM Re-Presents: PANDAS

No, I am not writing a veterinary piece this week on zoo animals. I am referring to Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders related to Streptococal infections. PANDAS is a well-known acronym in the medical world for several decades, yet a still mysterious constellation of symptoms with even more mysterious mechanism by which it wrecks havoc in many children and families.

Our Kids Brains on Social Media

It is difficult to go anywhere these days without seeing teens staring down at a smart phone screen.  Meanwhile the epidemic of ADD and ADHD type symptoms has everyone up in arms.  These researchers asked a simple question, “Could social media use be connected with developing ADHD?”  I am not shocked by their findings of a potential link,

Fringe Pediatric Group Announces Concern Over Food Additives Effects on Children’s Health

Just who does this American Academy of Pediatrics thinks they are?  Just because they control board certification for all pediatricians, set the guidelines for pediatric well and sick care, and are the largest influence in mainstream pediatrics does NOT give them the right to make outrageous claim that we in functional medicine have been making for years. 

Testing Methylation to Diagnose Autism

I know I will hear from a number of my patient’s parents when this leaks out.  I suspect that many will begin with “I knew it all along”.  In this article, researchers describe their process for using 24 different metabolite markers in an algorithm to separate autism from non-autistic children.  These markers primarily focus on methylation and transulfuration. 

Turning the P2X4 Key to Turn off Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) attacks many patients relentlessly while others experience intermittent attacks interspersed with periods of quiet.  In looking for answers to why some progress to these relentless attacks and how to treat them, scientists may have found a key to unlocking answers and therapies.  As evidenced by the series of logical steps they followed,

Didn’t Your Mom Teach You to Share?

     Health care cost sharing ministries are programs that any mother should love.  Caring for those who suffer ill health should take many forms including sharing the financial burdens.  Our moms taught us to share our toys.  The Bible teaches us to share with those in need.  Cost sharing ministries like Samaritans and others (Medishare, Christian HealthCare Ministry,