Taurine – An Underappreciated Amino Acid

Protein supplements in general get moderate attention in the nutrition world.  Many debate the pros and cons of different protein sources like whey or hemp or soy or pea.  Others focus on specific amino acids for specific issues like NAC for detox or mucous thinning.  Taurine rarely gets the big headlines even if many of you drank it today in one of your energy drinks like Red Bull (read to the end for why it is there). 

Kissing Disease Reactivity (EBV)

Mono from Epstein-Barr Virus can be confirmed by blood testing to have infected by about 95 percent of the world by age 30.  Despite this widespread prevalence, only a small percentage of people suffer from the debilitating form of acute infectious mononucleosis in which fatigue, fever, and sore throat which may last weeks or months. 

Milk, It Does a Baby Good

What is the magic ingredient in breastmilk which drives the lifelong benefits for infants who breastfeed?  For some this has been like the holy grail, an elusive answer that would explain why breastfed babies journey through life with lower rates of many inflammatory diseases.  Both my field of pediatrics and functional medicine has promoted breastfeeding where possible for newborns,

An Offer You Should Never Refuse

Proverbs 8:1-11 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Proverbs%208&version=ESV

                Creation cries out.  Our inspired spirits cry out.  The Spirit of God alive in the hearts of His children cries out.  They all shout wisdom.

                In all places and in all times, God offers wisdom to the wise and the foolish, to His children and to those who are not His.  

Not Everyone Believes in Mold

That’s right.  You will find a number of articles out there in journals and on web pages which deny that mold toxicity can make anyone sick. While some just blatantly call you crazy for thinking such non-sense, others attempt a measure of scientific propriety.  They walk through examples and mechanisms and a variety of studies to make their case that such a varied group of symptoms could not be caused by one trigger like a mold toxin. 

Maternal Immune Activation Leading to Autism


Maternal Immune Activation Leading to Autism

The hunt for autism’s trigger continues.  The reason for its long continuance likely lies in that it is not one homogenous disease, but a mixture of different triggers culminating in a similar pattern of brain dysfunction and life disruption. The role of the immune system probably runs second only to genetics in terms of research intensity. 

Bacterial Immune Chemotherapy

Bacterial Immune Chemotherapy

The interwoven nature of our gut microbiome with the functioning of our immune system never ceases to amaze me.  Researchers at the University of Calgary recently reported another potential life-saving discovery.  Specific gut bacteria may enhance the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy in several cancer types.  Besides correlating the presence of Bifidobacterium pseudolongum,

Genetic Triggers for Childhood Eczema

Genetic Triggers for Childhood Eczema

Some call eczema the itch that rashes. In the nearly 1 in 5 children who have eczema or atopic dermatitis (the other name), this skin condition can range from annoying to life-changing. Scientists have long recognized that eczema goes deeper than just redness and dry flaky skin.