When You Need More than One Test to Get an Answer

Individuals with multiple symptoms in multiple body systems over months and years without beneficial answers from conventional medicine need something more. Functional MD’s like myself strive to provide such patients with paths to restoration, not by abandoning conventional medicine, but by applying the best of medical research to our patients. We are often accused of ordering too many tests,

I’m Getting Better!

“I remember the day on the left very clearly. It was 2013; and it was my best day of that week. I had actually gotten out of bed, taken a bath and put clothes on to go to the store with my husband. I didn’t make it out of the car, but I was out of the house!

It Ain’t That Simple: Autism

I constantly tell my patients that if their illness were so simple to have one simple “cause” then someone else would have already “fixed” it for them. We have all grown up in a world of medicine where the one-cause-one-disease model has prevailed leading us to all stumble when real life and its illnesses are not that simple.

Energy Efficient and Microbially Nasty

            A German children’s hospital tracked down the source of a outbreak of Klebsiella in their neonatal unit recently leading to trashing an energy efficient washing machine.  Thankfully the infants were only colonized and none were infected by the potentially harmful bacteria.  Normally any hospital laundry would be sanitized by special machines, but this wash was being used to wash the little boots and mittens which kept the infants warm. 

Floxies and Heart Diseases

       The functional medicine world carries ill feelings towards a class of medications called the fluoroquinolones.  These antibiotics include ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin among several others.  They are known for their mitochondrial harm and many people say that these medications “floxed” them or call themselves “floxies” after the damage is done.  I have seen a number with whom I agree that a fluoroquinolone was the probable cause of their chronic illness.

“Eleven Favorite Supplements”

Day 11 of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas”
“Eleven Favorite Supplements”

“On this, the 11th Day of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas,” we offer eleven video clips of some of Sanctuary’s favorite supplements. These all-stars stand out due to their ability to provide multiple benefits in one dose.