A Different Christmas Present

The Importance of Neighbors

In contemporary culture, neighbors come and go, not only on a daily basis from behind closed doors, but from year to year as addresses change with each job relocation.  We may never get to really know neighbors that come and go but Scripture verses have been tied to their neighbors for centuries and for a reason.

Immune Cells Wear Watches


       How do they make armbands small enough to fit on the immune cells wrists?  Wait, they don’t have wrists…. Anyway, my point is that research is uncovering the mechanisms by which CD8 immune cells react differently during different times of the day. 

            A team of researchers led by Nicolas Cermakian,

We Are Still Learning About Genetics


         The study itself, while huge in science, has little immediate clinical utility.  The implications of the study prove how dumb we are.  Researchers at RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Science and Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare (IFOM), along with collaborators from Kyoto University, the Karolinska Institut, and DNAFORM reported their use of NET-CAGE technology in finding 20,000 new genetic enhancer regions of DNA.

Christmas Presents or an MRI

None of us want a lump of coal in our stocking this Christmas, but there may be some unusual Christmas wishes on many of your lists. Of course, there will be bicycles, games, and other toys as well as the various clothes items for your yourself and others. But how many are wishing for a CT scan,

Hear From a Patient

We love to hear from our patients. Here is a Google review we recently received. We are very thankful for the thoughts shared in this review. Shared with permission: 


This is a long review….. but it’s important, so please bear with me! I’ve been a patient of Sanctuary Functional Medicine since earlier this year.

Pass the Tea for Your Brain Health


          Honestly, this is not shocking.  Multiple studies have already revealed a list of benefits from tea drinking.  In this case, researchers from the National University of Singapore reported what appear to be beneficial structural changes in the brain of human subjects who drink tea on a near daily basis.  Prior studies had focused on neuropsychological testing but not actual structural or functional imaging techniques.