Tick Taxis Have Room For More Than One Passenger


    Lyme would appear to be the only tick taxi passenger of which we should we wary if judged by social media and news outlines.   As a functional medicine doctor, I do appreciate the heightened awareness of Lyme disease so that more of the undiagnosed can finally get answers.  However, let us know ignore the fact that ticks serve as able taxis for other bacterial and viral infections. 

Spicy Dementia

A single study reporting some major finding is never a good reason to swallow a new idea without chewing on it for a while or waiting for more studies. With that in mind, until further studies come along, we may want to chew and swallow less spicy foods thanks to research from the University of South Australia.

Spiritual Depression – Part 3

“Spiritual Depression” By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Summaries to Encourage, Edify, and Bless

(Recap: Part 1 | Part 2)

Chapter 3  Men as Trees, Walking

            Mark 8:22, 26


            Continuing to address spiritual depression, we move beyond the recognition that many are miserable in life because they don’t understand their justification (last chapter). 

Lyme and Chlamydia May Share Housing


 With the rage in biofilm research and the rise in public awareness of Lyme, we benefit from research like this article.  The European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology recently published findings that Borrelia (Lyme bacteria) and Chlamydia (both the different chlamydias that cause  “walking pneumonia” and the sexually transmitted diseases) very frequently co-exist in biofilms biopsied from skin lesions called Borrelia lymphocytoma. 

An Easier Pill to Swallow

This topic comes up often as we care for children at Sanctuary Functional Medicine.  Children and sometimes even adults have problems with swallowing tablets and capsules necessary for their health restoration.  Whether it comes from an overactive gag reflex or choking sensations, we have to adapt regimens to fit our patient’s needs.  We usually have liquid options for either our nutraceutical recommendation or our prescriptions,

Genomics Work Great on Herbs as Well

The field of genomics fundamentally altered our understanding of human metabolism and the function of every body system.  Functional medicine doctors like myself, daily appreciate this fact as we apply these deeper medical truths to our patients which chronic unexplained illnesses.  These same methods of genomics also work out useful truths from herbs we use for our patients. 

Feed the Impaired Brain

Whether you are a farmer fertilizing your crops or a parent preparing dinner for your children, we know that we want to optimize nutrition for the health of any organism.  This maxim should stir no controversy as we look at prevention or treatment of cognitive impairment.  If we can pour millions and billions of dollars into pharmaceutical research on Alzheimer’s disease while millions and billions are spent in care of these unfortunate patients,