Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen Cancer Edition

Sometimes it is better to share other’s work rather than try to re-create the wheel. In this case, I want to share the Environmental Working Group’s top 12 cancer triggering chemicals found in everyday products.  Our society constantly debates climate change and environmental conservation.  For some reason, we ignore how we are poisoning our world and ourselves with a long list of untested chemicals. 

Dentists to Begin Treating Alzheimer’s Patients

The day may come when dentists enter the field of Alzheimer’s therapy thanks to this breaking research.  While past studies have linked the mouth bacteria,  porphyromonas gingivalis, heart disease, this study ties several convincing lines of evidence to implicate this bacteria in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. 

This particular bacteria can either colonize our mouths or dig deeper and contribute to gingivitis (gum inflammation) in a large percentage of the population.  When we brush our teeth or eat,

Biting into Food Allergies

JAMA Network’s study results from  2019 estimated that 10.8% of the 40,000 adults who participated in the study have food allergies and another 8% believe they have allergies.  At our functional medicine clinic, we are by no means surprised at this study’s findings, nor the summary conclusion by the authors. On the other hand, while we agree with the findings,

Bullies Can Shrink Kid’s Brains

Patients often ask whether their stress might be directly changing them physically;  I always answer yes, and describe how our emotional and spiritual state interlaces with our physical condition.  While they may be apparently distinct, both play an integral role in both good and bad health. Because of this, we at Sanctuary always pay careful attention to both as we care for their health needs.

A Real No-Brainer for Functional Medicine

Despite the obvious nature of the idea, until recent research, only practitioners of functional medicine had supported the (apparently outrageous) notion that certain nutrients can increase neural connectivity in the brain.

Researchers looked at a number of nutrition markers found in high levels of beneficial nutrients in the Mediterranean diet.  They include omega 3’s,

Is Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy Really Sub-Clinical?

By definition, sub-clinical implies that something is “not” causing any noticeable symptoms. Thus the name “sub-clinical hypothyroidism” assumes that a lower than expected thyroid function causes no problems for an individual person in that category.  In reality, a “sub-clinical” state stands out as more of a burglar in a pitch black room.  Just because we do not immediately “see” the burglar does not mean he or she cannot harm us. 

Relax with a Sniff of Lavender

In functional medicine we utilized a multitude of therapies with proven benefits but without always having clearly defined mechanisms of action. Even conventional medicine has scratched its head about how Tylenol and metformin work while prescribing literal tons of these medicines.  For essential oils such as lavender, mystery has shrouded their mechanisms of actions until possibly now,