Relationship Medicine – Do Relationships Matter?

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Hello dear.  How was your day at work?”

“Good evening. Please tell me your two most important needs for our conversation.  We have a limited time to relate and address those needs.  Some needs may need to wait until tomorrow evening.”

“What are you talking about? 

How Direct Primary Care Meets the Needs of Primary Care Reform

My explanation of how Direct Primary Care can meets the needs of primary care in response to H&HN Daily article

Original Article in Hospitals and Health Networks

While Direct Primary Care (DPC) is not mentioned directly in this article, it is a growing model of care which can meet many of these ten goals.

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

I had intended to continue my saga of the drunken elephant (the hyper-specialization of medicine), but I wanted to pause and say a few words regarding the healthcare sharing ministries which are offered as alternatives to health insurance.   A new addition to the ones listed further below has been launched for Catholics who were not always comfortable with the statements of faith required by the four faith based options. 

The Hyper-specialization of Medicine


My most recent article, by the same title, light-heartedly approaches a topic that can be very frustrating for patients seeking answers in our current hyper-specialized health delivery system.  Patients seek care from primary care physicians/providers (family practitioners, internist, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others) for complex issues, but rather than finding answers,