Joy of Life

“There are no words poignant enough with which to thank any doctor who has given your life back to you!  My quest for just the right doctor who could understand my medical issues proved exceedingly frustrating – until God helped me find Dr. Eric Potter and Sanctuary Functional Medicine.  I would hope all people who are afflicted with difficult-to-diagnose illnesses could find this Sanctuary and have their health and inner peace restored as I have! 

Allen H’s Story

“Dr. Potter and his team are amazing. It is wonderful to have a deep, thorough, meaningful discussion with a doctor about what’s going on without having to worry about them watching the clock or being interrupted every three minutes. I’ve had every question answered both in person and by email, and I’ve received extremely prompt responses from their staff through the online portal.

“I am forever grateful!” – A patient’s story

At one of the most confusing, difficult times in my life Dr. Eric Potter brought the hope and answers I needed. When we first met and he opened our appointment with prayer I knew I had found the perfect doctor for me. He was empathetic and listened carefully to every symptom I was feeling. He was devoted to digging deeper and finding the root cause to whatever was causing the problems I was facing.