Cats, Dogs, and Unfriendly Bacteria


        In this case, I will spend less time summarizing the linked article and more time encouraging you to read the articles directly.  Medscape provides a great summary of the potential animal born infections that can affect humans.  These diseases are called zoonoses.  They are contracted when humans interact with the animals who are carriers of the bacteria or viruses.  Medscape walks through several prime examples and emphasizes the importance of caution for pregnant ladies in certain situations.

            The CDC link provides actual accounts of various major zoonoses outbreaks over the past decade.  Their list includes salmonella from poultry as the most common outbreaks, but also notes a few others of interest.  The animal sources vary from pet crested geckos to hedgehogs and more.

            In helping you live a healthier more abundant life we share these resources so you can make wise decisions about your health both in restoration and prevention. 

Medscape “Animal Lovers and Zoonotic Diseases: 5 Things to Know”


CDC “Healthy Pets, Healthy People” site, US Outbreaks:

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