Dr. Potter is Different

D.S. recently posted a Google Review explaining how Dr. Potter is different:

“Like a lot of people, I suffer from symptoms that leave doctors perplexed. In an attempt to determine the cause of my health problems, I have spent a fortune on doctors, specialists, tests, procedures, and medications. And since conventional doctors typically only treat symptoms, and provide very limiting options, I was never able to get to the root of my problems or get the relief I needed. I tried naturopaths and various forms of “alternative” medicine, but found them to be just as expensive and ineffective. But Dr. Potter is different. He’s a real M.D. who also has knowledge of alternative types of tests and treatments that produce proven results. And since I pay him a small monthly fee instead of paying for each appointment, I can keep my costs down and get all the care I need. Perhaps the biggest benefit of being his patient is how he is always available by phone, email, or through his online patient portal anytime I have a question, need a prescription or supplement, or just want to talk. With Dr. Potter’s help, I have been able to discover the causes of some of my problems and mostly keep my symptoms manageable, which has made my life a whole lot easier.” – D.S. 


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