Mold and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Mold Symptoms Treatment

We are thrilled to share our new Sanctuary Mold Guide: A Primer with those who are suffering from mold toxicity. While the full guide is available on its own website or to our patients (extended version), you can read a portion here.  We hope this work contributes to your living a healthier more abundant life.

Many mold toxic patients suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome although other triggers besides mold toxins may cause this syndrome.  In this condition, a wide variety of normally benign environmental substances trigger excessive symptoms. This may include inhaled substances, ingested substances, or skin absorbed substances.  Foods, essential oils, fragrances, and more may trigger a huge variety of symptoms.

This condition can be debilitating as it often prevents patients from leaving their home or entering buildings with high fragrance loads such as shopping areas. A full consideration is beyond the scope of this guide but is at least partially related to mast cell activation syndrome/disorder (MCAS/MCAD).  In MCAD, the immune cell called the mast cell overresponds to various stimuli resulting in inflammatory or allergic symptoms. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity may work through this or other mechanisms.

Go see the full guide here or stay tuned next week for another excerpt from the Mold Guide! 

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