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This is Dr. Potter. For the last few months we’ve heard from people who wanted to know what they could do to strengthen their immune system and asked if I had recommendations on therapies or courses. I take your concerns very seriously so I’ve been working hard to create one. I call it “Immune Preppers Course 1”.

I started by writing my very first e-booket which you can still get here: Immune Preppers Course.

I initially purchased a curriculum to teach, but after opening it up and going through it, I realized that it didn’t get at what I wanted to share with you. It just was not what you have come to expect from me & Sanctuary Functional Medicine. My only option… I decided to write my own just for you.

With my PA Leslie Mullins and a videographer, I shot 12 video lessons about various immune topics: your immune team, its enemies, your immune barriers, support supplements, last ditch pharmaceuticals, and more. My hope is that it will equip you to be able to be your own medical expert for your own body and develop medical discernment. There’s so many offers, supplements, and packed cure-alls out there now during the pandemic that I thought you needed to know how to discern what is and isn’t good.

There is a lot of information over the 12 weekly video lessons so I also wanted to include Zoom Q&A’s similar to my Facebook Live Q&A’s but exclusive to students of the course. I thought of this before doing Zoom was popular because we have always used Zoom for distant patients over the years. So you’ll get group Zoom Q&A’s with me and PA Leslie, 12 weekly video lessons, and as they say, “more”.

I thought it would be great to also walk in community. The pandemic has left many of us isolated. So we will also have an exclusive online community where we can dialogue together, with other students, etc well beyond the end of the course. I thought it would be good to create a place where we can learn together and grow together.

I have set it up for 100 students. The first class group will be at a special price, $249. I plan to sell the seats for $499 after the fall. But for this first inaugural class, it’s $249. You can register here for the 12 week course until the class starts on 8/20/2020. https://www.sfmempoweron.com/pl/200687

There isn’t anything more to buy after that, there isn’t a $5,000 expanded course or a $10,000 live seminar. There is NO link to buy any supplement concoction I “created”. This course is about empowering and connecting. We plan to make more courses if this is successful, but this is not a watered down version of something that costs more. That just isn’t me.

I look forward to seeing many of you there. If you have any questions about it please contact me, This is my first time doing a video course so if there’s something we’re not communicating, please let us know.

Dr. Eric Potter, Functional MD
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