Another Autoimmune Disease Discovered: Narcolepsy

While parents of newborns may sometimes claim to have
narcolepsy, this mysterious disease has presented a challenge to medical
researchers for some time.  Individuals
with narcolepsy experience the frequent and sudden episodes of sleep during
daytime hours.  While sleep deprived
parents of newborns know why they are falling asleep, those with narcolepsy and
their doctors have been left in the dark. 

When Your Own Defenses Go Haywire – Autoimmunity:

Reviewing and Summarizing the recent Toxic Mold Summit
Session by Dr. Amy Myers.  Part 2 of 3

(Read this blog series’ introduction at end if you are
catching up)

            From the
discussion of leaky gut, Dr. Myers bridges into how mold toxicity contributes
to autoimmunity through multiple possible mechanisms.  Like other toxins,