When Your Own Defenses Go Haywire – Autoimmunity:

Reviewing and Summarizing the recent Toxic Mold Summit
Session by Dr. Amy Myers.  Part 2 of 3

(Read this blog series’ introduction at end if you are
catching up)

            From the
discussion of leaky gut, Dr. Myers bridges into how mold toxicity contributes
to autoimmunity through multiple possible mechanisms.  Like other toxins,

Tracking Down Moldy Evidence


Functional Medicine MD’s like myself spend a lot of time tracking down evidence.  We spend long periods of time working through complicated health stories with our patients.  We also spend time tracking down helpful studies that guide us in caring for patients who have not received answers from conventional medicine.  The field of mycotoxicity or mold toxicity stands out as one area where we uncover answers for patients who have been told that it is all in their heads.