Scribbles on a Page

I have a friend who is a gifted visual artist, and her musings and artistic insights often strike me as significantly profound life lessons.  Well, the other day, as we sat on her patio taking in the warmth of the spring sun while pouring over paper and pastels, she began scribbling on a page.  That’s right,

Fountain 5: Biblical Thinking about Health

Effective functioning as Christians is only possible if we learn to view health as God has revealed in the Bible.  A fragmented view of person and community will never restore wholeness to either. While we know that God’s ultimate plan for physical and spiritual wholeness will not be perfectly complete until the next life,

Psalm 56 – My Tears Are In His Bottle

Another intimate prayer song from David delivered to God at a time of great uncertainty when he had been seized by the Philistines.  Needless to say, David was once again in a tight spot.  In this, he pours out his plea to God.  Telling God what he surely already knows—the enemy is relentless.  The enemy is “trampl[ing] on me all the day” (vs2) he cries. 

Fountain #4: Secular Thinking and Medicine

Modern medicine, in viewing the patient through a purely secular lens depersonalizes the “sick person” into an object for study and calls them a patient. The patient is no longer whole, but an object divided into smaller and smaller parts as specialization focuses on organs rather than the whole person.

Relationships are devalued. 

Psalm 6 – How Long?

“ Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am languishing;
heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled
My Soul also is greatly troubled.
But you, O Lord – How long?”
(English Standard Version)

Have you ever asked God “How long?”  I know that I have done so many times. 

Parenting truths

My readers know that certain articles strike me as critical. Seeing numerous children in our clinic for the primary complaint of behavioral challenges means that I talk with numerous guilt-ridden parents.  Guilty because they can’t fine the key to make their child better- to make them NOT difficult. By the time they see me,

Fountain Chapter 3

We must start with understanding the concept of a worldview.  Put simply, a worldview is one’s way of looking at reality.  It is how a person understands and what he or she believes about the basics of what is real.  We can choose to view reality from either a Biblical worldview or from a secular worldview.