Chaos versus Wisdom

Proverbs Chapter 1:1-7

Life in chaos empties one’s soul whereas wisdom nourishes as it orders and restores. Patients come to our Sanctuary desiring release from chaos’ grip on their health, their lives. Our Sanctuary seeks to serve these good desires through applying wisdom.

How should such a sharing of wisdom from a Christian health provider to a life in the grips of chaos occur in today’s medical office?

Why Physical Matters

Why should we care about the bodies which convey our eternal souls about this world?  Won’t they be renewed in heaven anyway?  Aren’t we supposed to focus on the eternal things rather than worldly things? 

            Romans 8:29
could be used to argue that we are to focus our energies on spiritual
transformation so that we can be made into the likeness of Christ as could
other verses urging spiritual transformation.